This was published a long time ago. I leave it as it is even as a new about me page sprouts. It gives me perspective on my thoughts then and now. 

This space had an earlier avatar. It was called ‘Kavis Musings’. Started in 2006 and rumbling on about disparate colourful dots and strange connections that connected them all.  A few hundred posts, comments in the thousands and hits in many more multiples, I consider myself to have been remarkably blessed as only the truly blessed can be.

Before you think that these numbers aren’t much to crow about compared to some spectacular successes that several blogs proudly sport, let me hasten to pause and provide my perspective.

Numbers by themselves are incomplete.  The picture emerges from the stories that accompany such numbers.  For nestled in the stories are poignant moments that perk the dull detail that numbers throw.

While the number of hits on the blog sometimes causes an incredulous rub of my eyes, my real blessings have come from the incredible friendships and renewal from ever so generous readers and bloggers.  Reducing boundaries of countries, institutions and such other walls to mere notions of thought. The blog got me to invited to people’s homes. For coffee.  For lunch. For other important occasions and later, to stay over when I was passing by their cities.  All the while, exchanging stories of our lives, of the times gone by and sharing our hopes for the future.

In some places, it even opened doors and helped me stay on in homes and for friends to stay on in mine. We sprung out of computer monitors long after we kept moving from city to city. We sprung to life every time there was an update on our blog. The good times saw a sharing with a flourish. The difficult ones brought tears onto the keyboard as words got splashed on to the monitor.

I lived. We lived.

The blog helped me deal with all kinds of events and consequent emotions. The happiness that jumped out of each step the daughter took. The loss of dad. The change of jobs. The emotions of Mumbai. The vagaries of life in Bangalore. The nostalgia of Madurai. The nuances of travel. The hopes the future held and the surfeit of joys from past times.

After starting out another website Fool Bloom on ‘mundane matters’ (sic) and playing with two twitter accounts and a clutch of other stuff of the same ilk, realisation dawned that the advice (and later exasperated exhortation) of  ‘convert this to your own website’ was good advice to sign upto and chisel a new beginning with old tools building on the foundations of ‘Kavis Musings’.

Even as I write this, realisation lurks that this page thus far, paints a picture of remarkable ease and a flourish that befits a fairy tale. Something like a ‘successful blogger’s’ story, woven with ease that befits awesomeness. My story is far from it. The story that I reserve for the time when we meet is the story of several battles. Of overcoming my own inhibitions and the general tumult in the mind as the blog took shape. Oh and if you are really nice to me, you may even get me started about how I got the missus on my side.

So, here is the new website. ‘My own website’, as they call it. I present this to you with the hope that this will lead me somewhere. Hopefully see and share better.  With more oomph to the curiosity bug.

Perhaps you think of it as cluttered. Maybe you will like it call it ‘modern’ and ‘awesome’ and all that.  But you know, it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is if you will still sport a smile and wave, when we meet.  And if we could really sit down and sip our coffees and listen to each other’s stories. Like the good old times.

What else can there be to life?!

Oh wait.  There is just one more thing. Make that coffee strong please. Beyond that, there is no more proof required about God being kind and life being good.

8 thoughts on “Prelude

  1. Jairam Mohan says:

    Wow, now that stands out among the best introductions or ‘about me’ pieces that I have ever read in the blogosphere.

    And no surprises there given that it is coming from you Kavi, somebody whose work I have admired, and for sure, will continue to admire and enjoy quite a bit 😀

  2. Lavneet Lamba says:

    Hi Kavi,

    Just saw your talk on Storytelling on You – Tube ! Just like you even I had a “NO-END” start to Blogging.. I think listening to you speak, i have realized the REASON as to why I started writing diaries during school and how I should continue the same and why it’s so important to express one’s thoughts !!

    Like you mentioned in the end :- There are no seven wonders in the world , there are many wonders !! and I add to that by saying you surely are one of them.

    A must watch talk on storytelling :

    Continue the awesome work !

  3. Let such conversations continue…

  4. Kavi Arasu says:

    Thanks for stopping by Preeti. It is in these conversations that life blossoms. Thanks again and look forward to catching up soon.

  5. Umesh Kumar Dubey says:

    Just read of your thoughts on Home,, sent across by Manjula Sinha.. Touched my heart .. Keep them coming,, I have updated my email in the box above.

  6. Ajith says:

    Hi Boss,

    Today we had lunch together and the first thing that I did after that lunch was to come and read your introductory blog. It really has stimulated my curiosity to explore your blogs. Keep the good work going and all the very best for your new endeavour.

    Ajith. S

  7. Marcus says:

    Very proud of you Kavi!

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