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Somethings in life you do to ensure that a loud speaker and an amplifier tare plugged to the door, just so that there is a huge gong when opportunity silently knocks, as it does ever so often, while the deepest of slumbers ensconce you. This “Contact Me” page is one such.

There are more eyes than the ones that you can see, looking at you”, said a friend after a jungle safari in Africa. In the connected world, reaching someone is a ridiculously easy that is often executed with a lazy yawn, a scratch and a roll over in bed. All that the person needs to know is to spell I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. In any case, we have been suitably informed that satellites are tracking what you had for breakfast, who came in your dreams and even maybe what you are thinking of right now.

I digress. Sorry.

In the unlikely event of all of my social media links on this website choosing to play truant, or if today is one of those days where you are limited by time or the inclination to spend it on an absurdly non-productive pursuit of reaching out to me on any of them, well the mail id is given below.

You could be an avid reader (of this blog or just about anything), fellow blogger, author, corporate salaried dude with two home loans, the perfect geek, a photographer with 67894 types of lenses, a traveller who has seen the world in the mind , the odd agency dude with a swashbuckling proposal, another parent enthralled by parenting, … Oh lord, I realise I wear my limited brain on the sleeve by beginning to put a list out when I could have just said ‘”any and everybody”.  Its silly to even begin mention

If you think we could talk and exchange a few stories, well, here is the ID to write to.

Here is the page.


So there, you sure know how to, if you chose to. There is the FB profile, twitter handle, Pinterest Page, Google Plus and the About.Me page which gives all of them again in one page. Phew.

I mean, what else is there? Save the phone number which in any case is pointless for the phone is on silent mode the last time I checked. So! 🙂


One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Shankar Bharadhwaj says:

    Hi Kavi , Very nice article in Mint of Today (01/09/2015)
    I am a CA with over 20 years Experience with varied interests/.
    Do u think will have some time to catch and would like to discuss with you and seek some career Ideas which can help me.

    If you have time please send message.

    I also work some where in your Building I think

    Thanks and Best regards


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