Tiger Prey

“Tiger is coming” !!

We finished lunch at work and were walking back, when there was a flurry of activity on the road, with school students, elderly people, middle aged men running towards their vehicles. For a minute we didn’t quite know what was happening.

We stopped a sprinter to ask what was it all about. And he said, ” Tiger is coming. Tiger is coming”. We were perplexed. A tiger ? In the middle of Bangalore ? They sure were kidding. But all of them were running. We truly were looking at each others faces. To understand what was happening.

And then the Tiger appeared !

We found later that ‘Tiger’ was the name given to the Police tow away vehicle. Especially for two wheelers. Some other colleagues said that was a ubiquitous name for all tow away vehicles But then, it surely was some relief to see a different tiger.

The alacrity with which some bikes, parked in no-parking zones were lifted, placed on the vehicle and driven away was scary and strangely amusing. We saw some strange scenes with pleading, neogotiation and an awful lot of wheeling-dealing to save their bikes from the Tigers and the ‘Tiger Riders’ !!

And the ‘Tiger riders’ seem to have raw power ! To lord over every captured prey who was parked at the wrong end ! Wonder why they named it a tiger ? Any thoughts ?