Good Design

“Before a shoot I am not thinking of how can I get a good picture, but what can I learn from this person.”

The Many Pleasures Of Reading

My mind right now is like a meadow sprouting all kinds of green after a luxurious spell of afternoon rain.


Enough has not been said about enough. Or has it been? Whichever way you think of it, enough is always enough. At least that’s what happened I learnt from my financial planner.

A Man For All Seasons

Vivek Patwardhan is a quintessential gentelman who through his life, exemplifies the phrase ‘a man for all seasons’! In a quiet, unassuming yet definitive way. He has been that way since the time I met him first. Let me spare you the effort of looking up “A man for all seasons”. While it stands for

Clarity Of Distance

The busy humdrum of everyday life gives us little opportunity to think about how we are living it!

Let’s Dive Into 2022

Yes, the water is cold and God knows how I will land, but then, I won’t know until I dive!


..the teachers who have been getting me interested in whatever I learn have been the ones that are primarily interested in me

Sweating the small stuff

Yet, the small stuff offers hope. It is one small thing that you can do to stay the course. Small steps must be complemented with a structure to continue the effort.


Many who came in search of music have settled for non stop noise. Worse, we contribute to it too.


War stories from the real world. “That one bullet was louder than the torrent of machine gun fire. And to ensure the bullet did its job, she shot twice more.”

At The End Of It All

He unmuted himself and the room fell silent as it was not his wont to unmute. A perky restrained smile made a quiet appearance in the corner of his lips. . “I lost my job last week”, he began.

What does a good teacher do?

At every academic institution that I have had the privilege to be a part of now, teachers have excelled in re imagining their role.

Living Tall

To look into the mirror and to look beyond unkempt hair and peruse the kerfuffle of memories, hopes, aspirations and emotions kept locked away is a good idea

Chipmunks and me

As I resurface this time, the terms I have set for myself are stiffer. There is an abundant realisation that what gets into my stream of attention should not be only stuff of use, but stuff that keeps me sane.

Why am I interested in the future?

William Gibson said it well. The future is already here – it is just not very evenly distributed. So, how do we make sense of our aspirations of the future?