Buzz Words 2007

Forward of a mail from CV Ramana. I had to post this. Couldnt miss it !

Headless Chickens – (n.)
Original definition: member of parliament; revised definition: member of press; final definition: people whom Ambassador Ronen Sen holds in great esteem and admiration.

Manglik – (n.)
Astrologically doomed person who may or may not be a green-eyed member of a famous farming family, and quickly needs to marry a tree.

Growth with Equity – (n.)
Favourite hand-wringing phrase of those who cannot decide whether they are for or against economic liberalisation

Twenty20 – (n.)
Sport for the modern Indian; takes half as long, hits twice as hard, has dancing women and finally makes you feel like a winner.

Rupee Virus – n.)
A medical condition that has caused weakness and depression in IT and other export-based industries

Operationalise – (v.)
To be used in conjunction with the words 123 and Hyde Act, to sound knowledgeable about the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Narcoanalysis – (n.)
Technique used to ‘nab’ murderers and flesh-eaters, without taking the trouble to conduct an actual police investigation . Eg: “Dacoit admits to Kennedy assassination under narcoanalysis, says DGP.” ]

Judicial overreach – (n.)
Issuing directions on street-food vendors and nursery school admissions, while the judicial backlog hits three crore cases.

Brahmin Jodo Abhiyan – (n.)
Magic formula to propel yourself into an absolute majority, thereby giving you the power to name everything in Lucknow after either Ambedkar or Kanshi Ram.

Silent voter – (n.)
Gujarati who comes to the rescue of exit pollsters who get their predictions wrong.

Chak De – (v./tr.)
Rallying battle-cry of the year for everybody, from cricketwalas to Congresswalas

Near-miss – (n.)
A “safely” averted mid-air collision; a rare occasion when you are happy to have nearly missed a flight

6 thoughts on “Buzz Words 2007

  1. priya says:


    What can I say? So much humor and had a good laugh.

  2. Jeevan says:

    It was like look back some happenings of 07.

  3. Shiva says:

    Good one to share!

    Rupee Virus and Near-miss are amazing.

    Enjoyed reading all. Thanks for sharing

  4. Solitaire says:

    I like the definition of a manglik! I need to marry a tree soon!

  5. Keshi says:

    very interesting! 🙂


  6. i like this sar. 😀

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