Flower on the forehead !

Well, we in India have this love affair with flowers. And it is not the bouquet giving. That is very western. Living in a small town, giving flowers always meant a garland ! And the precincts of the Meenakshi Amman Temple used to house some of the best smells and wonderous garlands ever made !

Nevertheless, here are some pictures of flower marketers in Matunga. In Mumbai. Many years back, my dad published a book on ‘Flower Marketing in India’. Today, i guess the market dynamics would be markedly different.

These are two pictures from Matunga ! The flowers, the colours, the smells and of course the public who walk by to pick that odd garland is a sight to behold !

And ofcourse, many garlands end up caressing radiator grills. How hot the grills would be of course, depend on how old the make is !

Sometimes they caress headlights too !

But to me, the ensuing snap is the ultimate evidence, that ‘the flower’ is part of us, our roads and our living. If you don’t like a garland or a bouquet..you still can do with one flower. Or two ! As you can see here.

‘A flower behind your ear’ in Tamil colloquial parlance signifies a fool or a dimwit ! But a flower on the forehead (to the best of my knowledge) is yet to be defined. And a flower two feet above your head..on a suspended aerial…well..that indeed is taking it to a different height !

A different suspended height !

6 thoughts on “Flower on the forehead !

  1. Amazing couple of posts… and beautiful pictures. I’ll say more when I have time to collect my thoughts.

  2. Priya says:

    The last pictures is little funnt tho’.

  3. Kavi says:

    Strange Pilgram : Thank you ! Will wait. I am in no hurry !!!!

    Priya : Thank you !

  4. Jeevan says:

    Madura malliya marakka mudima! 🙂

  5. I love the fresh smell of Jasmine when the pookari goes trotting the streets of Madurai in the evening “Amma Pooveee!”. In those days, Ox used draw the carts and hence they were garlanded. But these days the vehicles are drawn by engines or atleast operated by the humans who drive it. So shouldn’t they garland the Engine or the driver?

  6. My and me are going to remarry (of cource to each other only) just because to wear the garlands from Telang Road, Matunga.

    She is just crazy about it.

    Walking by a lane in Matunga is our hobby, once in a moth we visit Ramashraya and then take a walk covering Telang road

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