Visbility & Marketing !

After pounding work with tons of effort, I have, all these years, chosen to move on to the next piece of work. To pound it with tons of effort again and stop at that. It worked earlier. Now, it appears that all the pounding with effort is just not suffice.

A close friend said, rather cryptically, ‘project’. My question was: Why ? And he continued his cryptic conversation with “Because perception is more real than reality itself”. Over the last several months, I have seen incompetent pros display a false visage that has impressed & has had the heads that matter go nodding in approval.

“1. These are incompetent folks.
2. They are false.
3. Its easy to see through.
4. They are usurping credit for things that don’t matter or for work that they didn’t do.
5. Why cant the ‘heads that matter’ see? ……”

My diatribe continued for sometime before my friend stopped me and said, ‘if they can do it with nothing inside, why cant you do it too ( with supposedly so much inside)?’ That set me thinking. That sounded easy. I brooded over it for sometime. After a while, I wrote in bold for myself.

“Market yourself & your work.
Advertise & communicate more
Get comfortable with top management”

I don’t think I need to be, or can be “false”. However, the realisation that the age where the ‘world-will-beat-a-path-to-the-door-of-the-person-who-makes-the-better- mouse-trap’ is the stone age has sunk in slowly. We have come quite a distance from there.

The ‘heads that matter’ seldom have the time to ascertain the distinct between reality and perception. After all, Amerigo Vespuggi was not the first person who landed on the shores of the US. But a whole continent got named after him. Now, that’s some marketing lesson for me! I dont think its going to be easy to practice, though !

2 thoughts on “Visbility & Marketing !

  1. perception…really good. Actually, the mass marketing scheme is driving todays economy/ media and everything beyond its actually capability. Be it movies or products or even services. Hype is what its called. Hence why not build, like you said, the castle first and annouce later. 😀

  2. Yeah, we tend to hesitate. We need to shed that and kick some serious a*# to stay alive!!

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