The Root Cause !

The Ecumenical Christian Centre was where I headed straight after completing Gandhigiri last week. Was kind of interned here, and that’s one reason, why I didn’t get to post any new posts. (The other reason is the exams that i am writing at work for a professional qualficaton). I attended a wonderful and insightful program conducted by ISABs, about which i will write separately.

The Ecumenical Christian Centre believes in the wider concept of human Ecumenism or the oneness of human kind. I didnt see any loud preaching of any particular religion, which by itself was such a refreshing change. Throw in a sprawling campus with a lake, shady trees and a spirit of its own. It was a heady mix !

One of the most interesting concepts for me was the branding of various places inside the campus. There was a Pongal Mane. A Ramzan Hut. A Onam Mane. ( Mane in kannada translates to House). There was a ‘Logos centre’.

These were parts of the open spaces which were christened so. A tree. A collection of stones was christened the “Memorial for the Dead”. The beauty was as much in its simplicity as it was on its unique connect.

I could best relate to the Root Museum. There were ‘roots’ over here ! For some strange reason, they had spoilt this with serial light bulbs. But the concept per se was so unique. And as i stood there, and looked at the root of a huge rain tree, it appeared to me that the roots stood majestically.

The roots are down in the dust. But if they didnt hold trees firmly to the ground, you can imagine the consequences. In that instance, i could connect to many elements.

Home City

The list went on. Later, i was sharing the list with a friend, and he asked where ‘money’ was in the list.

I looked at him, and it then dawned on me, as to why my bank account showed what it showed every now and then: Zilch balance !!

Money after all was the root cause. In its abscence in my mindspace ! Oh ! Is there redemption for people like me ?

5 thoughts on “The Root Cause !

  1. shark says:

    You seem to be doing interesting things week after week… way to go!

    Coming to Money… All said and done it is a very important factor in our day to day life. When people say “Money is nothing!” They are lying 🙂

    But then again having money and then spending it nicely is the beauty of it 🙂

  2. MOney is jsut man made, its just the result of everything, and the first word in every question, the last word in every action. I think we felt we need to mark our actions, so we created money, the moment we felt we need to tax our work. Funny world.

    But nice insight into that place, wish there were like that here.

  3. pria says:

    Thaz wonderful to see all in one place right.

    Good luck on your exams.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice post Kavi.
    Yep money is not everything. Its essential, accepted. But it should not be driving us. Thats my policy.
    Very insightful post. 🙂

  5. Kavi,

    I laughed on the root missing ‘MONEY’. More than other things this changes a person. This should be in limit, to keep us in limit.

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