Circus Story !

We were at a circus. No, I am not talking about another normal day where you dodge traffic like a trapeze artist, hang by a thread when the bills hit you and generally wear oversized clothes to un-alive gymnasium !! It was actual circus. Called the Kohinoor Russian circus.

Why was it called Russian ? Well, there are a few artists from Russia. And man, are they flawless. I mean their performance. It was just flawless. With such a gracious smile and effortless ease. If there was moneys worth, it was the sheer magnificence of their performance.

I wonder why I went to the circus in the first place. Perhaps it was an attempt to recapture a memory and reconnect to seeing something that I saw long back. Perhaps it was to try and be a child again. Something that I was.

This time around, at the end of the whole show, it left me with a hollow in my throat. I couldn’t connect to it. There were too many ‘side’ players. The artistes gossiped and generally chatted away in the middle of a performance. Yes. In the middle of the ring, as their colleagues were performing.

There were only four animals / birds. Two Elephants. A Horse. Some dogs. Some Parrots. The ring master wore worn out shoes. As though he had just been woken out of slumber. Perhaps he missed his lions & tigers. Having to deal with a set of Pomeranian dogs!

But more than any thing else, the biggest disappointment for me were the clowns. With contrived actions & pathetic movement, they disappointed.

Perhaps what the circus operators need to know is that they compete against slick media productions which consumers have access to, with a flick of a finger: through a device called the ‘remote’!! Perhaps what is required is for the circus to retain its feel at the same time stay current and relevant.

Going by the number of cars that filled in the open parking, it seemed to me, that the interest is still there. But such insipid performances will bring the big tent faster than you would like it to.

I guess life has come full circle for the big tent. And if there is no application of thought, its going to stop right there. The frayed curtains need a change. And the clowns need to LAUGH !!

12 thoughts on “Circus Story !

  1. I have always admired your ventures to break monotony. Need to learn to take such breaks.

    I still have a wage rememberance of the circus that we visited when we were kids. When the guys do monkey-jumps from hanging threads, everytime my heart would miss a beat.

  2. got to watch Barnum and Bailey circus a few years ago in San Jose. it was grrrrrrreaaat!


    brought back lot of memories of the circus my dad took me to watch when we were little kids..


  3. Jeevan says:

    My first and last Circus visit to my knowledge (mom tells she take me to one I was little) was the Great Bombay Circus. I hope your children have nice entertain there.
    These days laugh is missed in people, for times clowns are the inspire of active humor where the opportunity is becoming least today.

  4. priya says:

    Its been years I have visited Circus. A great entertainment for children:)

  5. tragic circus story. hmmm…like u said…we have Russian circuses left here when the interest died and they had no more money to return to Russia! We once had a camel walking the streets!!!!

  6. Pooh! says:

    You have a tag waiting for you at Poohsden

  7. Swatantra says:

    Nice to read… It took me back to the memories of circus, when there was nothing much around and we use to wait for those circus tants near our home…

  8. tricks and thrills apart, i almost faint at the overpowering smell of animal feces that fills circuses… add that to thronging masses of thousands who have never yet discovered the pleasures of deodorants… scary!!!

  9. Nachi says:

    the last time i saw a circus it was when they still had lots and lots of animals! i saw loop jumping lions, cycling bears, football playing elephants, prancing horses, modeling dogs, crazy parakeets and a sleepy camel…the jokers were a bit scary though.


    love the circus. always have. its sad that the current plight of the circus industry is so bad.

    nice post man!

  10. Shiva says:

    Thought that the circuses are gone. Good to know that they still exist. Remember watching one at the Thamukkam ground. I think Jumbo circus. Hope they revive them as there is still interest and expectation.

    May be, cost would be an issue. Even for a single show, it would cost a fortune and for feeding an elephant????

    Will people be ready to pay as much they are ready to pay for a fashion parade? How about sponsorship? Bluecross??

  11. priya says:

    Helooooooooooooooo Mumbai!!!!

  12. Neelakantan says:

    Well, I guess it is the familiar trap of low paid artistes disinterested owners etc all leading to a low level of passion.

    And the cars you saw would mostly have been of parents who wished to share a slice of nostalgia with their kids…it will go in a generation unless circuses change.

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