Equipment = Equipping ?

An article in the Times of India caught my eye & kept me shaking my head for a good minute. A quarter in mild amusement, another quarter in concern and a good half in plain frustration !

Imagine a software on your system that has been installed, without you having any clue of whats it all about or how it has to be used. And without the ‘help’ menu ! And then being told that the operation of that software is critical to your organisation’s network safety !!

‘Houston, we have a problem’.

Except that this Houston is in Ghatkopar, Mumbai !

Read the full article here.

Turns out that the station master claims he that hasn’t been educated on how to use the CCTV that has been installed ! ( the news article goes on to state : ‘the purpose of a CCTV is to prevent crime and aid investigations as the data can be collected….). I hope they know !

It turns out, that the station master has FBF ( found by fiddling ) that only three cameras work and one of them is pointed towards the ceiling. Someone or something had to throw up his hands look in the direction of the Gods ! I guess it was this camera’s turn !

I slap an imaginary image, as i type this. This is but an example. And a prevalent way of life in both the government and many corporates too !

‘Equipment’ does not always lead to ‘auto equipping’. It requires effort. In Training & learning!

7 thoughts on “Equipment = Equipping ?

  1. Priya says:

    U ca be a pretty good investigator u know;)

  2. dinu says:

    that was simply s**t man !!! that’s our tax money that they used to buy it !!!

  3. HOBO says:

    Kavi – The journalist.
    I like your way of writing but sometimes it bounces above my head because I am not so good in english and nor I want to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kavi,

    The station masters comment sounds like the security guard in our office building.Every morning he checks under the bonnet and asks me to open the dicky door and uses his magnifying glass to check the car for Bombs. One morning when I was really pressed for time I asked him curtly if he knows what he is looking for? In all honesty he replied he has never seen a bomb in his life and that he would not even recongnize one if I stuck it under my car’s bonnet. I felt so safe that day.


  5. Kavi says:

    Pria : Really. Now, no pulling legs !

    Dinu : Yes. How callous can they get ? It sure must be their money as well

    Hobo : Its not the English but the intent to connect that counts. But i will bear your feedback in my mind. It sure helps. thanks

    Niru : good one. I can clearly see it happenig all over !

  6. Kavi says:

    Why dont the comments show up after all of them have been published !

    beats me !?!

  7. Shiva says:

    May be all these equipments are turing into things of superstition. Just like hanging a lime/pumpkin over the doorstep to avoid evil…

    Good one.

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