A Wednesday !

A Wednesday is a different movie. After a full week of release, we walked into a movie hall with almost each seat taken : This with no glamour girl, no song sequences and more importantly two old men ( ok not that old, but still old)in the lead roles ! You either had to give it to word of mouth that came out of some interesting sequences and acting !

The movie is indeed about terror. Technology. Mobile phones. Etc. But the screenplay is gripping and has a few surprises in store. The movie opens out to a silent title reel. With the odd flicker of dots within the names featured. And proceeds to weave an interesting interplay of simultaneous events. These separate events steadily get woven into one lovely piece of a movie !!

Naseerudin Shah plays a character who is the bomber with technical wizardy. His calls cant be traced. Nor his threats ignored, for he plants bombs at the police station across the commissioners office !

And then, proceeds to make his demands for certain terrorists to be freed. The story unfolds from thereon. All the while having packed home made sandwiches and coffee from a flask! And after buying groceries for home !

I hate to go any further on the storyline, even as i am tempted to do so. Just so that nothing is given away when you & you appreciate the movie in full.

The movie resonates at some level ! Personally, i have a problem with killings. Of any sort. Methodical. Vigilante. Terrorist. Encounter. Etc. To me, a killing is a killing. That belief was tested for a few moments. But those moments were intense moments !

For what was said, held rationale and cold logic. It took me a while to sort things out and re-anchor my feelings around taking of a life !

Its not as though that the movie is a flawless production! But yet, I would brand the movie as very close to ‘must watch’ ! Its different. Neatly executed punctuated with humour, some powerful dialogues and impeccable delivery too.

Anupam Kher plays the Police Commissioner of Mumbai and makes you wish that the avatar who plays the role emerges from the screen and walk into the commissioner’s seat here !

All key characters come alive on screen with superlative performances from the artistes playing them, perhaps with the exception of Jimmy Shergil playing the role of a tough cop.

Naseeruddin Shah oozes presence and character. I wonder why we don’t see more of him on screen. Yet, it is the storyline which keeps you alive with ‘what-happens-next’ curiosity all through. With some subtle and sophisticated humour that appeals to the common man. (From a common man too !!)

We walked out of the movie hall more than satisfied of having caught a good movie ! Second week in a row ( after Tahaan ) !

In half an hour we heard about the bomb blasts in Delhi. My wife wished that the ‘common man’ took a worldly avatar. And seeing the scenes of destruction and chaos, i wished it too. For a brief moment. My belief held over years, was tested.

The movie resonates with the common man who suffer ! For that it deserves a watch.

8 thoughts on “A Wednesday !

  1. HOBO says:

    Every invention is good & bad too.

  2. Shiva says:

    Wow! Just because I read your blog, my movie wishlist keeps growing….

    Thanks for the review. Wil watch the must watch

  3. This is a sad saga of lack-of-will amongst us. The government becomes a bystander unable/unfit to proactively curb such cowardly acts on fellow-humans.

    I think, as Indians, we should get more serious about ‘social responsibility’ and work towards our progress and/or make the world’s largest democracy work for us.

    Yes, I know….I sound frustrated.

  4. dinu says:

    this one was really really good 🙂
    got to watch it a day before those blasts..

  5. Priya says:

    That seems quite interesting movie.

  6. manuscrypts says:

    yeah, i think the common man is on his way.. there were a couple of flaws in the movie, but i liked the general intent

  7. Kavi says:

    Hobo : yes ! No questions there !

    Shiva : Thank You ! I dont think there are very many positive movies that i have written. But this was one heck of a movie !

    Praveen : i share the frustration ! I share it deeply !

    Dinu : yes. This one was good !

    Priya : Yes. Racy and keeps you guessing ! With some sharp turns.

    Manu : My exact feelings as well ! Had a few flaws but the flow outdid the flaws !

  8. Jeevan says:

    i never hear about this movie, nice review.

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