D Company !

The weekend saw us attend two very different events ! The first one being Dandia and the other Durga Puja ! Such occasions come up just to let you know that there seems to be an irrepressible spirit that is indeed far beyond all of qualms that are visible in the surface. Perhaps thats a wish. Best qualified by calling me a Pollyanna of sorts!

But tell me what would you think when a small child, decked up in finery, attempts to play Dandia with a spirit that tugs your heart and an impish charm that makes you wish that you could somehow capture that innocence in the palm of your hand and broadcast it to the world!

Pictures clicked at Dandia Celebrations at the apartment complex we live in

What would you make of a happy family, managing to create magic in an otherwise prosaic neighbourhood, which is much like an ant colony of people going to work and coming back in the evening !

Dancing on this day, the three of them went about creating happiness for themselves, without a bother of who was watching or who wasn’t !


What would you make of the splendour of a Durga Puja pandal. I can spot the rich, the poor, the wannabes, the content lots. All there. Some are there to look. Some others to show. But there are those that dont seem to care. And they are there, it seems to me, to just be present. On this day, at the Durga Puja Pandal in Powai, this ‘absorbed in the moment’ set seems to dominate!

The Pandal itself is rather majestic and impressive to say the least. Add that to the ‘culture loving’ (as my friend calls himself) crowd you have a powerful concoction. The Durga deity is simply aweing to say the least !

Pictures clicked at the Durga Puja Mandal at Powai,
organised by the Powai Bengali Association

I come back with loads of impressions. And thoughts. And those that dominate seem to be ones that there is more to be done. It is possible. And people somewhere have goodness reside in them. We perhaps need to look for it !

Even as i type this, i wonder how i came to that conclusion. A few ‘diabolic’ questions get ready to come at me.

I think of the children & their play with reckless abandon, their laughter still rings in my ear. The visage of people engaged in simple conversation is still vivid, just as the Goddess seemed to smile on them ! And so many such images from the last two days engulf me.

I go no more. Between Dandia and Durga, the divine overruns the diabolic. Divine company, i think. I still can call it ‘D Company’ !

What say ?!?

8 thoughts on “D Company !

  1. manoj says:

    I wentbto the Durga Pooja ok the first day , one of my friend sms’d that be there at 7.30 , or the Bengali sweets get over .

  2. Great pictures. My household help was just in the room doing some cleaning up, and saw the picture of Ma Durga on the screen while I was reading the blog. She covered her head with the pallu, and bowed her head at the monitor……

    New clothes,food spreads, decorations…..vis-avis the simple faith of a Godfearing population. Hope the D-company turns its attention to them this year…..

  3. Jeevan says:

    Kits at dandhi seems adorable, and glad u joined with ur neighbors to celebrate festival season! Its quite nothing felt here, and audha pooja, which mostly looking may lack this time.

  4. Ms Cris says:

    Not the D company!
    Anyway love the pictures. Especially the first one of the little girl, wish I could get a costume like that. (I know that was not the point, but mm err oh never mind) 🙂

  5. Priya says:

    Lovely pictures and pooja times are fun with sweets and meeting people.

  6. Kavi says:

    Manoj : Welcome here ! I am impressed !!! I am yet to savour those sweets. And tomorrow is Bhog !! I am looking forward to it !

    Ugich Konitari : How well said !! How well said ! May the pallu cover sheild her from all the troubles that surround her !

    Jeevan ; Thanks buddy ! We had a great time !

    Ms Cris : You know what..there were others who told me the same thing !! 🙂 The costume bit !!

    Priya : Yes the sweets. dont remind of them..and the calories they carry !!!

  7. Carnic says:

    as usual great stuff…..ur blog gives a good world view…
    when are u teaching me the basics of loading multiple pics????

  8. Sankri says:

    SHE looks so pretty and awesome at the mandal….and nice blog…

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