Notes to Myself !

Some things send me in a tizzy. Pompous talk, for one wins hands down. The other, is to see some ‘works of art’ ! Like the ones that i see in Ten rupee currency notes. Today i got four notes. And i plan to take them out of circulation.

And i wonder why people would scrawl !?!

Sampled here are four notes. And here is whats written on them. Not including the ‘i promise to pay the bearer..’

a. Pictorial Representation of ‘I love Mumtaz’
b. ‘I love Poondi’ stuck off and replaced with ‘I love Saleem’
c. A star and some other indecipherable script. I can read ‘Arsht Arsi’
d. ‘We are like this only’

a. For the love of the original Mumtaz, the Emperor Shah Jehan built the Taj Mahal ! So, if you cant afford it, must you leave a scrawl ?! To all the aspiring Shah Jehans of the world, if you have to showcase the love of Mumtaz, for heavens sake, go rent a flat, build a hut. Whatever. But spare the 10 rupee note ! Please !

b. And if you have doubts about who you really love and how to keep track as you move from Poondi to Saleem, may i suggest, you use a tissue paper. The currency note is for circulation, you see. On second thoughts, i wouldn’t give you that idea. I am recalling that statement. Now, jsut go buy tissue paper.

c. Ok. So you have this incorrigible urge to write. And practice your writing on currency notes only. Ok, so your father was the oil sheik, who has four wells somewhere in the gulf. Ok. Ok. But, at least, at the very least, write some stuff that we can read and understand.

d. And the last one. The next time, i catch you writing something like this, i am calling the cops. The mint. The RBI, anybody. Somebody. Ok. I promise to create so much noise, that , at least the next time, they would print a helpline for such traumatised people like me, to call and complain. Right there on the 10 rupee note !

Gandhi’s smile, was not always of approval.

Now, stop that scrawl.

18 thoughts on “Notes to Myself !

  1. Dewdrop says:

    🙂 ‘Gandhi’s smile, was not always of approval’ – nice way to sum it up…

  2. Parton Words says:

    If nothing else, it entertained you and I Kavi.

    Happy new year to you !

  3. manju says:

    This post brightened my day, Kavi. Now I will have to scrutinise any notes that I get, to see what is scrawled on them!

  4. dinu says:

    good one 🙂 sometimes our currency look like it was taken from the garbage

  5. nsiyer says:

    Kavi, I started looking at the bundle of notes in my purse, and I could see the smile of approval.
    Probably, Gandhiji gets miffed when the notes are mutiliated.
    Scrawling is an ancient right and whether it is ‘notes’ or the caves in the Ajantha and Ellora, this ilk does not spare any.Generally, it is about some one loving some. Nowadays, you see the scrawls in loos, I do not know whether it is love.
    All the same, I love your sense of noticing small things and making them interesting with a impactful message at the end.

  6. Yaya says:

    Who knows what Gandhi’s smile was about?!! The inscrutable man.

  7. scrawlings on indian currencies? very poetic, surely kavi-ish:-)

  8. The next worst thing which hugely turns me off are the scribles on the walls of apartment and office lifts.

  9. Braja says:

    At least it was only a ten rupee note, not a one thousand rupee note.

    I have no idea why that makes a difference….it’s late, gimme a break…:)

  10. i like this post…and i saw amazing scrawls all over sir. hemm, should have collected them, ill remember the next time 🙂

  11. Pearl says:

    In the U.S. — and probably elsewhere, but I don’t get out much — people are actually stamping one-dollar bills with the words “Where’s George?” You can trace the bill as it travels from one hand to another…
    Isn’t that fascinating?! Look! My dollar travel four miles in three months! Wheeeee!

  12. shark says:

    🙂 If common man does it, sometimes we can just pass it off as though they have nothing better to do.
    But I have seen bank officials do it. Once they count it, they write the sum on the top note. The next time that gets scratched and the new total is written.. now that i can say is disgusting to say the least!

    I also hate it when people fold the notes a billion times! as if the value is going to increase just by folding it 😛

  13. that was a good one.

    how exactly are you going to take them out of circulation?

    btw, have you tried putting them in a washing machine to see if they wash off?

    have you tried laundering money…

    he he..


  14. Cris says:

    I am guilty of reading and enjoying some of these scribbles and proceeding to circulate it further. I have myself scribbled on three 5-rupee notes but thats meant to be in my keeping forever. It was a time I used to collect new 5-rupee notes so I marked on 3 of them given by Dad, Mom and bro with the dates.

    Anyway you are right and we shall all stand up to scribbling on currency notes!

  15. Man with microscopic eyes.
    Hugs !!!

  16. Kavi says:

    Dewdrop : Thank you !

    Parton Words : Thank you Mark ! Yes..i did enjoy this !! 🙂

    Manju : Thank you !! And wishing you luck as you do more of that !!

    Dinu : Cant help agree more with you !! 🙂

    NS.Iyer; Loo scrawl has been around for a long time sir..and i have always wondered why. your thought gives me an idea to do a post on that…but currency scrawl..well, its currency !! So..:)

    Thanks for the comments..

    Yaya : Ah..thats a dimension i havent really thought about..!!


    Naperville Mom : 🙂

    I didnt do any of those…!!! Thanks !!

    Kamal : Ah..the lifts ! i wonder why !! I guess people have this irresistable urge to write…I think we should have a sclob ! Scrawl blog types…!!

    Braja : Thats another point. Nobody scrawls on a 1000 rupee note..not one note has a scrawl. And there is teh same Gandhi there as well !!

    GP: I bet you will !!! 🙂

    Pearl : Oooh ! That sounds like some idea…and if it is a George that i know of..well, a lot of people are going to go after teh one dollar bill looking for answers !!

    Shark : Ah yes..! I like your thought though ! Imagine if the value would go up as much as the folds !! Phew !!

    And the banker…! Well, lets say the less of him !

    Sundar : Money laundering..!! So, this is how its done..! I see !!

    LOL !!

    Taken them out of circulation by giving it to my wife for safekeepinng ! 🙂

    Cris : ah…by any chance did you write ‘we are like this only’…!!! ? 🙂 But good to have you on my side now !!!!!

    Hobo : thanks mate !! 🙂

  17. ~nm says:

    What can be said of such people. Simply stupid and worst than illiterates.

  18. Cris says:

    no no I wrote “Mom gave me this on date”. Poor Me have treasured it to keep with self forever.
    Would I ever think of scribbling on currency otherwise now? A good neat and tidy citizen like me?

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