Anyone for coffee ?

We are brewing. Really. New brew ! We have officially established South Indian rule in our home ! Yes. We We too drink Filter Coffee !! I mean, we too make it at home. Right here! And yes. We too have arrived ! (Wikipedia has all the details for you here !)

Amongst the many that i talk to, any discussions around my origins invariably lead to a discussion around Filter Coffee. The sharp eyed would have spotted my squirm and a shuffle of feet. Or atleast a shuffle of fingers of the feet, inside the shoe.

For in the family, ‘filter coffee’ was confined to the borders of Tamil territory. In our family tree. But we broke it all.

During this trip back home, coffee powder was picked up. ” ‘PB’ standing for ‘Peaberry’ ” we were told. The coffee filter was picked up, right here in Mumbai. And voila there is a decoction and the strong aroma of coffee that waffles through the morning air are now common place.

To the uninitiated, this may not be big deal. Neither was Filter coffee a big deal to us, until we moved here. North of the deep south !! Here, good old Filter Coffee is seen as an integral part of a Tamil existence. That connection seems to rule common mind space. Like a cross to Christ !!! Very rightly so !

Sample this. We would have guests at home. The best of good food would be served, nay, attempted. And promptly showered with wonderful critical acclaim that’s generous. And then a few thinly veiled questions would surface about filter coffee. You know, something like, ” the food was tastier than the ones that we get in Matunga, but over there you get filter coffee also’ !

And we would grin and mouth our ‘thank yous’. Pretending that their statements didn’t go beyond the comma. Now, the guests who did comment were a small minority. But you know, we feared the worst. Even when nothing was said !!!

But now, hey, we too have filter coffee !

And as the coffee sinks in, leaving a strong aftertaste in the mouth and in the air around too, we glance at slogans like “coffee drinkers are better thinkers” with a new slant !

But you know something, the coffee is something. Really something. Today, i wondered why there is so much of connection to the drink. I wonder if its because it helps me connect with home, with every sip? I haven’t been a great fan of coffee. Until now.

I don’t know.

But that’s not whats important. Whats important is this : The guest list is being refurbished. With some confidence ! Aha !

Now, anyone for coffee ?

16 thoughts on “Anyone for coffee ?

  1. I have tasted coffee from typical Indian “DHABA” to STARBUCKS USA”. The best thing I enjoyed is not coffee, it was crowd around sipping it and the way you have to order, Startbucks got their own way of coffee which is most complicated for me in this world…. The best one I enjoyed (way of placing for coffee) was at Bangalore India, being from North India I learned to say “ARDA CUP COFEE KURRI” . Trust me I enjoyed saying this more than sipping coffee.

  2. Priya says:

    Filter kappi is always hmmmm so much aroma. Now I have a coffee grind with machine and I make fresh coffee.

  3. nsiyer says:

    Kavi, I will come. But you have to in return. You should taste the filter coffee my wife prepares. My day does not begin without the elixir drink.

  4. Congrats on moving up the social ladder with the right coffee-connections. May all the filter-coffee lovers desert Matunga nd flock to your house for a cuppa.

  5. amreekandesi says:

    Filter coffee is great! I normally make it a point to get coffee whenever i am at a south Indian restaurant. Its a very distinct taste not found in any other type of coffee i have had. 🙂

  6. 30-40 rupees coffee price at coffee shops. Why they charge so much and why people pay so much I wonder. Home-made always the best.
    Kavi Koffee plzzzzzzzz…

  7. South Indian Filter Coffee, one of the shining stars of the International Hot beverage world, needs to be given its rightful place.

    Starbucks isnt even close. Nescafe and Bru keep having ads with implausible things like people drinking coffee while half out of a window in the rain. Undrinkable without atmosphere.

    If you ever decide to give up Paints, you know what you can do ….

    Maybe some management types can come up with a campaign showing, kapi, the pouring of stuff from high, on to steel tumblers, without spilling a drop, and a tired but happy mother of the management type, having just finished making dosas, wiping her washed hands on her pallu, and sitting down to a nice glass of kapi, as her little grandson comes running in with a flower for her that he just plucked in the garden….

  8. Ranu says:

    As Sucharita said congrats on climbing the social ladder!!!

  9. G says:

    “Oh coool, that means we will get nice filter coffee whenever we visit you naa?”
    is what many people ask during discussions of how my life post marriage to the (South Indian) boy is going to be.
    Ironically, my in-laws are all chai – drinkers having lived in Bombay all their lives. 😀

  10. Inder says:

    welcome to the filter coffee club 🙂
    there was this chain of restaurants – indian coffee house. not sure if ther are still around. they used to serve great coffee 🙂

  11. Sujatha says:

    one more thing we share kavi. wrote about this a while back. nothing compares to filter coffee drunk from steel tumblers, the froth just hanging on on top. simbly delicious!

  12. Filter coffee? Anytime bro:) We used to frequent Anand at Matunga only for the filter coffee experience. The pic’s good…brought a lot of memories…and right now, I’m sniffing some good coffee here, thanks to you:)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Have u tried vilasam coffee in Madurai?


  14. Kavi says:

    Ujjwal : Arda cup coffee !! You reminded me of Bangalore !!! Nostalgia reigns !!

    Priya : Oh really ! Is it as good ?!?

    NS Iyer : Sure sir ! Elixir offerings are rare !! Sure sir !!

    Sucharita : Thanks for the congratulations. And yes, we have the heart to accomodate all the coffee drinking Matunga deserters !

    amreekandesi : I wonder how it tastes over there!

    Hobo : you said it ! Home made coffee rocks !

    Ugich Konitari : Ah ! Now, now, hey, i enjoy drinking the coffee. But it still hasnt got to becoming an alternate profession !!!

    Ranu : Thanks !!

    G : maybe you’ve got to reintroduce the filter coffee ! Atleast to fit in to popular belief !!!! 🙂

    Inder : Welcome here ! And the last i heard the coffee house on MG Road was going to be pulled down…

    Sujatha ; Ah. Steel tumblers and froth !! Now that is ‘Completeness’ !!

    naperville mom : Oh you did frequent Anand !! ok !!

    So hope you enjoyed the coffee !!

    Ashok : ofcourse !! I am true blue Madurai ! 🙂

  15. SGD says:

    Love the south indian filter coffee straight out of tiny steel tumblers!!! the aroma of the decoction always makes me want MORE..

  16. Jeevan says:

    Yes, I love filter coffee and it was the odor I frequently come across by leaving school those days. We have the filter and rarely we make coffee with that.

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