Common Mango !

Its the season for Mangoes ! And the lovely sweet Alphonso variety is doing the rounds. And of course, the one who can stop at just eating one, is inhuman, supernatural or plain stupid. It depends on which side you look at it from !!

Pooris and Aam Ras are the seasons favourite in many restaurants like this one

And as usual, whats in season is in season. Like here. And so, she makes a dish which is called ‘Aam Ras’. ‘Aam = Mango. Ras = Juice’ she painstakingly explains. He tilts his head and tries to remember. This hindi word ‘Aam’ seems to be familiar.

This ‘Aam Ras’ puts him in a rush. He dips into the luxurious ‘Mango pulp – mixed with milk – served chilled’ (And so he thinks. And that’s the closest this blog has ever got to a recipe). And says, ‘Its addictive’. And means every intonation. Very much so.

And mangoes, this season seem to be everywhere. Or so it seems to him. Newspaper reports are much to the contrary. Some mangoes are pricey. Some cheap. But all, worth a little haranguing and a bargain.

And as he ploughs into one more scoop, there is a flash of recollection. With a flash of the Hindi education that’s in progress, he asks her.. ” ‘Aam’ also means ‘common’ right ? ”

She arches her eyebrows. Sensing that the devils company is set to show some results. ‘Aam Aadmi’ as in the political campaign means “Common Man”, right ?’ She nods her head. Half in disinterest. Half in irritation.

And then, the words escape his lips. “Or is it possible, that they really want to call the commoner a proper ‘Mango’ ?!? ” She face palms. ‘Incorrigible’. She says. And asks him if he wants some more. The head nods vigorously. ‘Upon one condition’. She says.

The second helping is had.

In total silence.

21 thoughts on “Common Mango !

  1. I’ve to rush to Indian groceries to get some canned aam ras…Just not fair, is it?

  2. Very sensible condition! You should not waste time using your mouth on anything else but eating!!

    Personally, I prefer the ‘langra’ (what we call in Bengal)or sweet-sour variety, but to each their own mango!!

    Politicians are ‘bananas’ calling ‘apples’ ‘oranges’ just to get our vote, so don’t waste your time analyzing their statements!!

  3. Rush says:

    oooh!!! aam ras
    missin it all 🙁

  4. Mahilchi says:

    lucky guy, it costs an arm and a leg to buy a couple over here.

  5. As I am neither supernatural, nor inhuman and nor (hopefully) stupid, I can’t resist mangoes either.

    But. sadly, all mangoes are not ‘aam’, especially the snooty blue-blooded Alphonso. For the aam-junta there are badami and other varities, but then, the addict in me craves the Alphonso-fix.

  6. Strange name “AAM” what could be logic behind hindi nomenclature of this fruit ? probably it must be available in ample long back, whatever its watering my mouth in combination with puri! For me mango in any form is the best :)recently when i saw small jar of fresh mango chatni for $5, it was worth buying.. anything for “MANGO”!

  7. You know why it was called ‘Aam’, dont you ? As in “Aam admi”/”general population”….

    What else can you call a fruit, which as a child nestles among the fragrant mango blossoms, is nurtured to a brilliant youth by a benevolent tree, and then spends a lot of its time leading a spicy, tangy , sometimes bitter-sweet life tangling with masalas and syrups; finally to mature into a sweet mellow parent, which is like a golden age in its life. being loved, indulged,applauded, valued…heading into a vanaprasthashram as the rains descend in torrents.

    Forget the political connotations. Your wife is right. Dig in and enjoy. In silence.

  8. Suma says:

    the wife is right..certain things are meant to be savored as they are…:)

    and i love aam ras…:D

  9. Jeevan says:

    more than having Aam Ras, i like having them in raw and tender!

  10. Pearl says:

    Would you believe I’m not sure I’ve even HAD a mango?

    I feel, somehow, cheated…


  11. Swatantra says:

    Cute!! I loved the way it has been written!!

    Not aam very different!!! Keep it up!!

  12. SGD says:

    Ha ha ha!! How can you even think of unpleasant topics like politicians with a heavenly bowl of Aamras in front of you????

  13. Sujatha says:

    Puris and mango pulp – C’s favorite dish! Better not show him this post! 🙂

  14. amreekandesi says:

    My favorite is the very pulpy safeda mango. Super Awesome.

    Too bad they dont have those mangoes around here. I need to move to India!

  15. meenakshi says:


    Food for thought…

    “Aam” is the “king” of fruits, then why do we use it to connote “common” man (Aam Aadmi)?

  16. manju says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your ‘Aam Ras’, Kavi! And Mrs. Kavi is right, it should be savoured in silence!

  17. SSQuo says:

    The mango is one of my favorite fruits, and since its not always easily accessible here, I make it a point to pick up half a dozen or so from chinatown (yes, they have some great fruit, including guava which you will not get anywhere else!).

    Surprisignly, I never ever had this aam ras and poori combo! Where was I living???? The whole act of mango eating is kinda sacred, it has to start with cooling it in the refrigerator, just the right temperature to warrant a smile, but not trigger a sensitive tooth!

  18. Kavi says:

    Naperville Mom : Hmm…the canned stuff… hmm not ok. We’ll try and see if we can keep some for you when you come here !

    Roshini : To each their mango ! Well, that was one of the most profound statements i have heard ! 🙂

    Rush: Welcome here ! And are missing something ! 🙂

    Macha : It costs a good deal here as well..much higher than the last time around. If thats of any consolation !

    Sucharita : That alphonso fix is such an addiction ! That it is far too deep rooted in the Indian palette !!!

    Ujwal : that conversion business really hurts isnt it !?! $5 is big time here…atleast thats how my middle class mind would work !! 🙂

    And yes, anything for mangoes !

    Ugich Konitari : Well said ! And fantastically laid out too. Your comments rock. And this one is no exception too !

    Suma : The wife is always right. Aam ras or otherwise !!! 🙂

    jeevan : Hmm. You know different people have different tastes !! 🙂

    Pearl : really ?!?! I dont believe that…i mean, a mango ?!? Come on, you are pulling my leg.

    Swatantra : Thank you !!! 🙂

    Amreekandesi : i havent heard of that variety. I guess i need to look that variety up…!!

    And moving back here…well, thats an attractive proposition ! You can be part of the next bloggers meet here 😉

    meenakshi : Hmm. Thats heavy duty stuff !! I didnt think of it that way at all !!! 🙂

    manju : Mrs. kavi is always right. And the ways of her silencing me have gotten one more addition !!


    SSQuo : Not had this combo ?!? you must be kidding me. This is a standard combo in restaurants this season !

    And that preparation is a religion of sorts by itself !!

    hmm !!

  19. SSQuo says:

    I know its terrible. I am pathetic!! 🙁 I will change my ways.

  20. funny post 😀

    hemm makes me want to go find mangoes, if its season there, mst be season here too, they will be exporting indian mango.

  21. nsiyer says:

    Kavi, I have been literally been gorging on ‘AAM’.
    I have intentions to lose weight. Then I tell myself ‘only two months, rest of the ten months, I can gym’.

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