Bound by chains !

My morning walks acquaint me with scooters. In chains ! For a few days, i didn’t quite know what these scooters bound in chains signified.

Some wise man had said that man was born free, but was found in chains everywhere. But scooters ? This was indeed new.

And then, I was introduced to a ‘driving’ school for women. Which parked their bikes here. All chained together.

And in the morning, when the learners come up, the locks are removed and the unchained scooters come alive with an array of women with scooters marked ‘L’ signifying ‘a learner’.

‘Learning breaks down chains’ they say. Seems to be true here. And right here, it’s the chains that were latched on by the learning school ! The belief in the securing objects reigns here.

When not in use, objects are chained. There is still hope that the mind stays unchained. To the dark ages of the past.

14 thoughts on “Bound by chains !

  1. May be we human love asset.
    Chaining them in some way chain us to be safe.

  2. The unchained melody
    of twisting ignitions,
    coughing to life,
    lightng up
    the faces,
    polished toenails
    pushing and revving,
    to accelerate
    as the clutch engages
    the attention
    of the sisterhood
    on scooters….
    Not chains,
    but hands held,
    All together,
    In unchained learning
    To forge ahead.

  3. Ranu says:

    Driving school for two wheelers amazing!!! never heard of that before.

    I was put on an luna shown the brakes and told to drive by my father. Simple!!!

  4. SGD says:

    First time I too am hearing about a two wheeler learning school!!
    And that too exclusively for women!!!

  5. Aleta says:

    Scooter lessons ~ how cute! I like how you likened chains and lessons and keeping an open mind.

  6. I completely resent and am totally jealous of Ugich’s apparent ease at belting out poetry!! There should be a law against it!! 😛 (this face is to indicate that I’m just kidding!!)

  7. Rush says:

    i never knew there was a riding school exclusively for women in bombay!!

    hey how did u ignore the Who am I? post…you of all i expect to guess!!

    are u finally back from vacation?

  8. Just thought I should enlighten the world about women specific scooter training schools. Pune where I grew up has thousands of these, although I didnt go to any of those. (Like Ranu, I just sat on a scooter and went off, possibly due to my natural talent :-)….Roshni, hope your are reading this :-)) …).

    What is interesting, is that years ago, the schools would even advertise that they had women instructors. This was v. v. important, because you simply did not learn anything, including scooters, with a strange unknown man sitting pillion and circling you with his arms as he showed you the magic of the clutch . (the automotive one 🙂 ……

    Needless to say, they were flooded with customers. Incidentally, anyone who can drive a two wheeler in Pune, can drive anywhere in the world.

  9. Swatantra says:

    I am speechless!! On the thoughts of hope the mind remains unchained..

    I believe we chain our minds with the unnecessary stuff.. I recently learned from Siddharth how free our minds are when we are kids.. The more knowledge we get more we chain our mind..

  10. Lou says:

    Women unleashed on scooters.. hmmm..this could be either liberating or frightening!

  11. Jeevan says:

    Its wonder to see still sunny exists!

    very true, who can put a chain to minds if it thought to move these from here.

  12. Nachi says:

    the last time i chained something, i had to cut the chain to get it back…

    …Dark Ages!! well at least they had knights in shining armor and all…


  13. Funny how chained scooters belonging to a ladies’ driving school signifies a step forward in women’s liberation. ironical how, here, chains = freedom. Perceptive post.

  14. Aparna says:

    Where is this driving school any way? I need to sign up.I guess it signifies that when a woman decides to do something, no chains can stop her.

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