And so you are back.

And so you are back. After many miles of journey. Roads. Hills. Air. Air pockets. Fields. Villages. Malls. And all of that.

You are back to where you live. And you wonder how right they were. When they said ‘time flies’. You feel this time around, time took the expressway !

But then, its still isn’t long off your memory. One look at the 2500 plus snaps clicked over the 15 days, and your mind rejigs and brings to the fore the exact feeling at the moment captured on camera. You realise you itch to tell the world as many stories as there are photographs. And then you choose some in random.

Like this one. When your heart skipped a beat to see a seeming synchronicity in randomly arraigned coconut trees set against a blue backdrop on the banks of a spanking new highway. Made on agricultural land.

Or to see this man pedal his bicycle, with a lady seated behind. And wonder, when last you saw this scene. And then have your taxi driver tell you that these villagers pedal 17 kilometers one way, to reach the nearest hospital. And your eyes auto squint, thinking of life.

Or to see a far away temple set in the middle of banana plantation. And look towards the sky in awe and wonder about this concept of the ‘faith’ ! And think of the tall towers of Meenakshi temple. And then the small precincts of the family temple. And see faith standing on firm foundations.

And then, you saw stern faces stare at you as they traveled in a lorry meant for goods. And think of the stern face & heaps of abuse hurled by the passenger sitting next to you on the flight, because the air hostess didn’t respond ‘in time’

And you think of this boat. By that lake in Berijum. And reaffirm. That nature soothes a lost soul. Like no other.

And as the memory still is fresh and tumble in one after another, you realise. You are back. With new respect. For life. For living. For people. For dreams. For mother Earth. And your own self.

That you saw what others saw. Yet saw what many others didn’t.

And as you type that line, you wonder, if that sounds boastful. And then, you recall conversations with many here. Those stoical faces and ‘ah-there-you-go’ smiles. And you let that line remain.

And you know. You can go on and on. But you realise. You have got to stop somewhere, somehow. You are thankful for many things. And one of them, is for the love of readers of this blog. For that, you realise, you ought to be immensely thankful.

So you quickly end, where it all started. By stating, ‘And so, you are back’.

16 thoughts on “And so you are back.

  1. you are not being boastful! You truly see what others don’t see…reminds me of Hercule Poirot telling others “mon ami, you look, but you do not see”!!
    You have a unique talent of looking at the world with child-like, open eyes and discovering the fascination in things which appear mundane and ordinary to the rest of us!
    Thank you very much for sharing all those beautiful photos with us!

  2. Ersa says:

    awesome pics, Kavi.

  3. SGD says:

    Lyrical almost….your words!
    And wonderful pictures too..
    I loved best the temple in the middle of banana plantation! pciture perfect!!

  4. When you look at each of those snaps, you go through different emotions. And when you start reading those lines, you start realising that.

    Amazing snaps! Amazing writeup!

  5. The Sun beckons,
    The Stars pull,
    Flying high,
    Zipping past,
    Time scampers ahead
    those little signs
    that some miss,
    Because they watch,
    But don’t see.

    But you respond,
    to the call of the Earth,
    The joy of the green,
    As the water expanse
    stretches its arms
    to meet with the snaking roads.
    You fly
    but powered by longing
    of a son,
    plans of sleeping
    in the lap of Nature
    feet firmly on the ground.
    And she slowly walks in
    with a steaming kapi,
    eyes wet from something else,
    that says,
    “Rest your mind, son,
    So,You are back !”

    (Wonderful evocative post, Kavi. I can see why it needed to be written….)

  6. And so you are back…
    With your hawk-eye for detail,
    And the owl’s wisdom which
    Sees into the heart of things,
    And your own very innate wit!

    (Blame Suranga for the poetic effusion – this post was truly ‘visionary’!)

  7. Jeevan says:

    You have connected well the pictures taken at varies moments! And your post inspires to see more into pictures.

    I don’t wonder as I have took 1300 plus snaps in 7 days. Even there are some villages still use the earlier path of horses to reach there village in off road.

    You simply clicked the boat undisturbed, not like us who climbed on that to snaps.

  8. Lou says:

    You’re unboastful style of writing and observing the world transports me to another place. I really enjoy my visits here..and I can bring a cup of coffee with me!

  9. Prats says:

    Came here from Blogpourri…and it was so refreshing to see this post..such lovely captured moments and the few lines that go with them…

  10. G says:

    Absolutely love the random selection of photographs! They speak volumes…. of your journey and your thoughts!

  11. Nachi says:

    Wonderful wonderful photographs. indeed a unique ‘Kavi’ post.

    …thank you for sharing such amazing stories brother…


  12. nsiyer says:

    You are just amazing, Kavi. I am back and need to read all your other posts.

  13. manju says:

    Lovely post, Kavi!

    No, your words are not boastful. You do see what many others do not. And even more important, you have a ‘gentle touch’ when writing.

    I have seen you write here about contradictions and injustices around us, without being judgemental or provocative. A rare talent, indeed.

  14. Kavi says:

    Roshini : Thank you ! Thats very generous of you!

    Ersa : Coming from someone as accomplished as you…well..well..thank you !

    SGD : Thankyou. I stood in the small piece of land that we own there…and looked into the horizon. And it was so picturesque to see the temple amidst the trees.. that i just had to click !

    Kamal : Thankyou sir !! Thankyou !

    Ugich Konitari : Thank you. For some reason, this poem got me misty eyed. For i couldnt have captured my emotions the way you have. And in some way, i felt lighter, reading the poem,that what i thought to convey, has indeed reached the world. Thank you so very much !

    And your poems in each and every post before, have been such a treat to read. And i guess they have been bringing readers back to this blog…just to see what poem you write !!! Thank you !!

    Sucharita : Thank you. I can see the poets bug bite you. And her poems can be so very inspirational !

    And thank you for the kind words !

    Jeevan : Thanks mate. 1300 in 7 days ! Phew. I just kept clicking. It is when i started downloading did i notice that there were 2500 plus !!

    Lou : Ahh thank you !! And do bring the coffee ! Maybe someday, i’ll get that to you as well !

    Prats : Welcome here ! And thanks for the lovely words. You have a super place as well !!

    Hobo : Thanks mate !

    G : Thank you !! Thank you !!

    Nachi : Thanks mate ! Sincerely appreciate…coming from an ace like you..hmm !!

    NS Iyer : Welcome back sir ! thanks for you kind words !

    Manju : thank you very much. Your words help me go on ! Thanks a ton !

  15. Rush says:

    Oh my god…sooo many posts!! how do i catch up!! scratches head!! leme read..a lil vacation i was on and missed it all!! never mind..will read now.

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