Rain Day Lessons

And so its been pouring its heart out. There are puddles on the road, wherever puddles are possible. And wherever not possible, puddles are created. For the road stands ‘washed away’ in bits and pieces.

The rain batters your windshield and your car’s wipers are working overtime. As you constantly hear your tyre finding a fresh pothole. You realise, that its been a wet night.

And then, out of nowhere, you see a thin slender post standing. In the middle of the road. You take this road daily. And you know this post is new. And as you near it, you realise that its a prop. A prop of a old rags and clothes, on an iron rod. Stuck into the road.

Jutting out of the road, almost like a natural formation. Something like a erupting jet stream from a broken underground pipe. ( ‘natural’ for a city dweller ) !!

For a brief moment you wonder who must have put this up. And why should they have done it. The rain continues to fall.

The car behind honks.

You move on. And in some distance a group of men, standing by the side of the road gesticulate. The rains pour on them as well. You realise that there is quite some water on the road. Not only that, there is a steady current, in the water that’s running under your wheels. Although, this is still the same road.

You realise that the men by the side of the road are attempting to guide you. They stand there. Showing you exactly where the potholes are. And you navigate. Looking at where they are pointing their hands. And in a few quick minutes you cross the stretch.

The rain continues to beat your windshield. With the same force with which it beats their back. You watch them through the rivulets of water that are sputtering off your side mirror.

The men have moved on to guide the car behind. Far beyond, the slender post with rags, is still standing.

And you wonder, how often you gladly suffer, so that someone else has it slightly easier. You hear the rain drops fall on the roof. Silence envelopes your mind.

And your soul as well.

20 thoughts on “Rain Day Lessons

  1. Interesting prop, and read!:) Why do i miss puddles suddenly?:)

  2. Aleta says:

    Amazing. You took one moment and made it blog worthy, the feeling, the rain, the guidance, the picture. Everything, a perfect balance in a post. Very well done.

  3. Lou says:

    That is a clever warning sign! Once you figure it out…

  4. Rush says:

    Rain..so refreshing and yet sometimes can lead to disturbing sights…i didnt like wat i saw in the photograph…but i loved ur describe 🙂

  5. It takes a certain eye to digest this and “nutritionally” benefit from it. You have that eye. Great post..

    Sometimes I think Mumbai works because of these guys. They are unaware of things/facilities they are entitled to as workers, are kept in the dark about it, are criticized for work (which depends on the shoddy cost cutting material provided to them), and when the crunch comes, they perform in the rain like a slap in the face of those who call themselves City Fathers.

    Kavi, please drive on the JVLR outside our campus, and write on it. Maybe I will look on it more kindly after that …

  6. Ganesh says:


    Incidences like this is are the reason why people like me always keep harping that there is no place in India like Mumbai to live in.

  7. ♥ Braja says:

    Ahhh but we LOVE the rain Kavi :)))

  8. Lessons that are taught each rainy season but we never learn and correct the same.
    When will be rainy day a smooth ride ?

  9. SSQuo says:

    🙂 This is my first visit back during the monsoon in eight years, and oh how different it is! The rain beats down and there is sooo much to notice, so much that I probably overlooked years ago when it was all part of life.

    Nice post!

  10. Vijay says:

    Kavi, I think it is worth to publish your photos.

    They are really cool

  11. Well described…liked it!!!

    nice blog…keep up the good work !!!

  12. swatantra says:

    Cute!! I think that long pipe and cloths on it is another way of navigating way.

    Your post is amazing!! Every time i read your blog i get inspired.


  13. Jeevan says:

    The road is like hard to believe. At least someone came with rod, if not to beat the rain, to warn and u put it tough. better change the situation soon.

  14. manju says:

    Yes, it’s people like these who keep Mumbai running.

    Great photo!

  15. KK says:

    I have heard a lot about the people in Mumbai and especially about the monsoons and the puddles of water… Hope I get to experience it someday… but until then reading your post made me feel as if I experienced it… Thanks Kavi!

  16. Great post, as usual. I agree with Aleta.

    And it reminded me of the time when such guides helped me and daughter to cross a waterlogged road safely, as the water was flowing very swiftly, swift enough to sweep my daughter off her feet.

  17. hello sir. how r u. sorry been away lately, been traveling alot…for work n stuff. we shall talk later on. and ur posts are always my first blog destination. thx to the reader, fb and all 😀

    hugs, tc.

  18. Kavi says:

    Naperville Mom : Welcome back here..its been some time. You sure would miss the puddles ! 😉

    Aleta : That was a generous comment ! many many thanks

    Lou : Yes it was. A clever warning sign indeed !

    Rush : Some realities of our everyday life here. And thats our story. Life goes on. We learn to live better !! And thanks for that comment !!

    ugich Konitari : Ah thank you ! and i cant help agree with you more about the raw materials and things of that ilk that lay the load on the shoulders of those that work on them.

    And yes. I havent taken that road in a while… 🙂

    Ganesh : After coming in here, i know fully well, as to why you always said that..!

    braja : and the rains pour. And they soothe the soul ! Like none else.

    Hobo : I am not sure ! I am not sure. I just know that the rains will come again !! Hopefully !!

    SSQuo : And yes, when you have been away, you notice more ! And perhaps the only thing that has stayed for those years are the clouds. Even the rains have strayed !!


    Vijay : Thank you mate ! i recall you having said this earlier as well ! i will consider that seriously ! thank you !

    Nazish Rehman : thank you !! Indeed !!

    Swatantra : Thank you ! That was very generous of you !

    Jeevan : Mumbai is full of such potholes and such posts. And such people ! Its a different experience !

    Manju : Thank you indeed !

    KK : how have you been ? Its been a long time !

    And thanks for the comment. You must experience Mumbai and its ‘spirit’ some time. I know its a rather cliched expression. But its existence cant be denied !

    Sucharita : Thank you ! I guess every body has been some kind of a recipient of this kindness. In one way or the other !

  19. Kavi says:

    GP : I am doing well ! And thanks for being there !!!

    I hope all the travel takes you to the best of places and gives you the greatest of happiness.

  20. nsiyer says:

    Nice ending. These are the humans who make life easier for others.Can we too for othersin our own way?

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