Rocking Horse

I am not sure if you see horses like these. Ok. Rocking horses like these. Where as toddlers, we swung back and forth. For all the energy that the kid expended, the horse didnt move from one place to another.

The child gets to ride a horse. So he is happy. The mother is happy for he stays in one place. Its win-win all the way ! (Until of course, he comes face to face with a real horse, and starts asking questions like ‘why does it not stay in one place” to his mother. But that’s another story).

Children of the modern times, get their first lessons in mobility on play items like this. My nephew’s first vehicle, just as he is learning to pronounce my name !

The horse (& such else) that rock, have been bypassed ! He zips and zooms from room to room in this three wheeler !

At an age, where i perhaps was learning to turn around to lie on my tummy (Ok, please go with the flow of this post and discount, for the present, that i am a ‘little’ slow) he zips. Felling whatever objects that come in the way. Be it the dinner plate, the TV remote or the coffee machine !

And in his victories, his parents claim to be monetarily poorer. ( I would contest that claim, and win hands down. But that’s another post)

Call it old fashioned attachment to things of the past, my heart lies with the rocking horse. And its variants : The swan. And the elephant. And such else.

Somehow, they brought about a connect to nature. And fueled imagination. So i think. You can imagine a whole lot of things while on a rocking horse ! I guess. Put me on a rocking horse today, and i can conjure up images of Porus and Alexander. Me fighting them, that is !

But, on another note, i don’t think he is missing much. At an age when i looked into the radio to wonder who was within such a small box, he watches Discovery channel and Sun TV with such precision, that he perhaps has a mental construct of not only horses, but also every conceivable life form.

(And of course, the Tamil movies will perhaps let him know that Tata Sumos are designed to fly in the air. Guns are like candy. That every man and woman has a soothing voice and a live orchestra inside them. And that, a hundred dance girls in funny costume ready to dance, come preordained with life. Thats again a separate post).

In a few years, he would perhaps access the internet. And learn. All about cars, bikes, buses. And horses too. If he wants.

I am sure he will do that all imaginatively, elegantly and efficiently. At many times the speed of what i can ever do.

I have one consternation though. About what he would think of me, when he reads this post someday. About my language skills. And perhaps my intelligence.

For what kind of a nitwit would one be, to even think of a stationary wooden horse as more fanciful than a colourful cycle that helps to zip inside the house and target the TV.

And worse still, call that horse a ‘rocking’ horse !

21 thoughts on “Rocking Horse

  1. yes, this is very much like the pony i’d in my toddler days. just for ol’ times’ sake, i got a similar one for my kids but yes, they prefer the trikes…not bad, just evolution, i guess, thanks!:)

  2. Swatantra says:

    Reminds me of the song, lakdi kee kaathi .. katthi pe khoda…

  3. Foreign Desi says:

    haha I always feel a little sad, when kids these days lose their “innocence” so quickly because of what all they’ve been exposed to. I see 10 year olds on their DSI’s convincing me that they are too old to play birthday party games (What??), and 8 year olds who laugh at me when I tell them about how much FUN we used to have in the snow. And 12 year olds who think about life without a high-tech hair straightener, and complaining about why they don’t have an ipod. (I still dont?)

    Sometimes the rocking horse is where it’s at.

  4. Rush says:

    hahahahah…its been a fun filled week for me with the kid Carter and here u are taking me back into my childhood days. I dont remeber having a horse or an inside the house bicycle, i wonder why? time to call up Mom now.

    i wish u wud have clicked the little ones photo in ur blogpost, that ways he grows up and knows Kavi uncle is definitely hinting at me!!
    and then he wud look back and say “what a nerd, he liked my horse that much, he shud have riteaway asked me for it..wat was the big idea of making a blogpost”
    and when the little kiddo grows up to became a father, he will again remember ur post, come back to it and leave back a comment.

  5. Priya says:


    We love that toy and the rhythm whick moves makes us enjoy being a kid.

    I saw this same shot here too but a different topic.

  6. Lou says:

    I liked the horse with the springs to bounce up and down better than the rocking horse!

  7. Now-a-days I have seen battery operated motorcycles running inside drawing halls.

  8. Neha says:

    I second you kavi…the horses, that three wheeler scooter if you remember or played on it still rock…(I still have that red scooter and planning to show it to my child when I have one, amen :))..our so many childhood games were played using such objects..fighting to sit on horse so that we can be the king…oh I got drifted away in my childhood days…

    and I am waiting for the “separate post” on tamil movies…loved tht para..:)

  9. Nice post Kavi…. these days kids are more techn savvy !!!

    Oh definitely i love watching south indian movies….last i watched was Shivaji…too good the way Rajni did all his stunts. I heard his next movie is Robot…waiting to watch it.

  10. manju says:

    My son had a rocking horse like this when he was a toddler, Kavi. And he would rock it so hard that once he made a complete summersault. We all still remember that!

    He later had a tricycle but didn’t like that as much…

  11. sujata says:

    this is where you excel and i lack so terribly, you turn nostalgia to wit and I turn it into a tear jerker. Beautiful post that took me smiling back to the childhood days. i didnt have a rocking horse, but I was staionery in my 3 wheeler and busy with dreams, i cannot dream while moving!! but the rocking horse was a pleasure, many of my friends had it, and so did my husband. I love toys made of wood, thats another reason I love a rocking horse..I have a rocking chair now to compensate for this..

  12. Rajkumar says:

    your blog is very interesting.I like to add you in my blog roll
    I welcome you to my blog,leave your valuable comments and your link back is welcomed……….

  13. Jeevan says:

    I haven’t used rocking horse, but had swing on when it was bough to my cousin then.

    Very true about the course of things today’s kids had to access. I watched tamil movie pasang recently and wondered do our children today imagine of driving a bike without a bike. And still cycles rule the rural and the interest on cycle remains for good.

  14. Aleta says:

    I’d take the rocking horse as well. There’s a fondness in it that comes with childhood. Your posts brings to mind another blogger who shared how she and her husband made a wooden rocking horse. There was a lot of time and love devoted to making the piece and it’s beautiful. Just like your post.

  15. He looks down
    From the loft,
    A controlled neigh,
    as he shrugs of
    the dust of memories….
    The little feet
    clutching his sides
    Hands around his face,
    Face against his mane,
    Holding tight,
    And the mother calls
    the little fellow
    who pretends not to hear,
    Rocks a bit harder,
    bends and whispers,
    Faster, Faster,
    I cant go for a bath,
    Or for lunch,
    or to school….
    They wont let me take you with me..

    he watches ,
    from the loft,
    with a resigned neigh,
    As he ,
    enamoured with
    an unreal mouse,
    Clicks and writes about him….

  16. Wow! That’s a beauty. I have never seen (or at least don’t remember) such an artistic and “rocking” horse with back rest.

    In fact, we went looking for one sometime back but did not get anything close to this. Would love to see Krrish do a summersault on this.

  17. Kavi says:

    NM : We seem to have a shared childhood. Atleast the wooden horse seems to say so !

    Macha : Rocking. Indeed.

    Swatantra : 🙂

    Foreign Desi : Well, you are so right. Facebook and the internet are a given these days for teenagers ! And i know of a numerous set of young ones that complain lack of access ! And i am wondering whats going to come their way pretty soon !

    Evolution i guess !

    Rush : Hopefully he would. And i wonder what form this blog will take when he becomes a father. Maybe they will have technology that will blog comments from ‘thought’ ! hmm !!

    GP : 🙂

    Priya : Oh my ! You found the exact post ! Phew. That was awesome. Yes, it was a picture from an earlier time ! And i only had a faint memory of writing about it…

    Phew ! I am simply awed at your ability to pick it up exactly…hmm. Thats something indeed !

    Lou : I wonder whats this horse with a spring..i dont remember seeing it here.

    Hobo : You are absolutely right. Battery operated motorcycles and electrical cars ! 🙂

    Neha : You have the cycle..? Ah ! How nice ! Maybe you should write about it ! 🙂

    And the tamil movies.. ;D will write indeed !!!!

    NR : Rajini is a phenomenon 🙂 And yes, Robot is well on its way !! Will be something i guess

    Manju : Somersault ! Phew ! That would have been something indeed. Hope he didnt get hurt..!

    Sujata : Ah how nice. You have a rocking chair now ! Thats what i lack now. I guess i will indulge in one and buy myself one of that !

    Or maybe i should buy myself a big rocking horse ! How would that scare the neighbours !!!!

    Rajkumar : WElcome here ! sure will leave a comment..Thats a geeky blog for sure !

    Jeevan : Ah cycles rule the rural side. Ofcourse, ofcourse. Modern day urban kids are very different arent they ?

    Aleta : Thank you !
    But she made a wooden horse ! Thats a completely different league !!!

    Ugich Konitari : Your poem moved me beyond words. Tears welled. I wonder why. Perhaps it is the strength of those words in their connecting to a lovely past…that is gone. Forever.

    Again..i am just honoured by such poetry as a comment..

    Kamal : Hmm !!! Somersault..!!! 🙂

  18. Neha says:

    Kavi, I am not as good as you when it comes to writing about such topics…you excel here and i would prefer to be the reader of such simple but awesomely witty posts..:) really enjoy reading ur posts..keep it up..

  19. Suma says:

    i used to have a rocking horse kid had a see-saw..

    lovely post kavi,

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