Insurance !

There could be a corolla parked in the drive way or maybe its just a ramshackle of a Jugaad butting the head out of the front gate. But if the eyes that look at a place someplace in the deep south, the chances for a chap like this on the exterior wall of the house, is more than likely !

For ages, this chap has guarded the household against ‘Evil Eye’ ! So has it been told in the household that feeds this blog.

The Evil Eye. Yeah yeah ! The negative energy that is generated by ‘neighbours envy’ (not necessarily restricted to the neighbour) of seeing another do well !

The potency of the negative energy that the ‘evil eye’ of the neighbour, runs thick and deep !

Big eyes. Think eye lashes. Eyebrows as large as a forehead. A handlebar moustache that would make any Harley or its owner shift feet in awe. Canine teeth that drive fear into a tiger. Sharp white horns that can excite a matador in Spain. A scorpion in the tongue that a tattoo artist would be proud of !

Well laid out sparkling array of colours. Blue neck. Red face. Yellow forehead. Green ear lobes !

These chaps are supposed to be absorbers of the mall effects of bad thought. They sure look that part. And for sure look pretty impressive too.

So, the next time you are in the South or at a Southerner’s place and you see this man on the wall, you would do well to remember the following.

a. This is not a representative image of the man of the house . Atleast not physically. Though you may have reasons to imagine him so.

b. You can let those big gasps of jealousy into the air. Looking at the chap’s ramshackle Jugaad or his designer underpants.

He for sure thinks he is insured. By a big man with big eyes. Think eye lashes. Eyebrows as large as a forehead. And a handlebar moustache that would make any Harley or the owner shift feet in awe.

16 thoughts on “Insurance !

  1. bodaat says:

    i always love anticipating what you’re going to write about next. 🙂

  2. I'm Nu says:

    really ? these are found there ? wow 🙂 Looks like some craft work 😛

  3. Neha says: imagination runs very wild sometimes! so let me not reveal what I imagined (something weird; that’s all!)..

    but yeah, I have seen those masks (?) around..there are varieties in those too..

    PS: I thought you meant the Mumbaiya meaning of the term Jugaad..then clicked on the link..well, in time 🙂

  4. Guria says:

    This one is an utterly new one!
    I knew only about the Turkish ‘Evil eye’ only but this one seems by far most effective…
    Think of strolling upto one, absent-mindedly, during your evening walk along the dimly-lit street!

  5. Insignia says:

    This one sure is one among your best. What an observer you are!! Lol!!! at “This is not a representative image of the man of the house . At least not physically. Though you may have reasons to imagine him so. “

    Most man of the house do seem similar!! 😛

  6. RGB says:

    I’m familiar with these “averting evil eyes” techniques that is quite common in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Liked the way you described these monster men that guard these house (insurance!).

  7. Darril says:

    ya.. i had seen these in many places.. but today only after reading this.. i know the reason.. another way to insure..

  8. aativas says:

    So, Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai has some ancient links as well 🙂

  9. radha says:

    We do depend on these aids, don’t we? Right from the time the child is born, the black spot to ward off the evil eye to these images.

  10. If this ‘insurance’ gives the residents of the house peace of mind, then I’m all for it!

  11. Pics are awesome! 🙂 I have seen many ‘Evil eye protectors’. They are very common but have never seen such colorful and beautiful ones.

    Interesting post! 🙂 I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

  12. sujata says:

    I have seen these masks but never knew the intention till i read your post. I used them to scare my kids when they were getting out of hands, saying that they came alive with naughty kids

  13. MarkIV says:

    ah they are a beauty aren’t they? i personally like the straw-man they place in construction sites for the same purpose… so that’s what he’s been doing after a stint at Oz!!

    Oh oh oh.. and Im back!!

  14. nsiyer says:

    Very true. The southern houses are full of them. The backside of the trucks also say’ Buri nazar wale tera mooh kala’, and bear the same face.

  15. Can Insurance Co insure against something as abstract as evil eye. Our forefathers have thought of everything for us:D.

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