High 5 ? What 4 ?

On a bright sunny morning, a cuckoo flew into my mobile and congratulated the five years of
blogging. ‘Five years ! Phew !’ Said the mail from the kind soul, amongst other things. ‘Kavi’s Musings’ and five years ?

An extraordinary act of kindness for the cuckoo to look into my archives,keep track and reveal the score.

Ambivalently feeling both like a fossil and a lost in sea survivor arriving to a Republic Day welcome, the eyes popped and the heart beat surged. But five years? I wast sure. Toes and fingers aided counting and as has been the case from second grade, the result was inconclusive.

Profusely thanking the cuckoo and staying comfortable with that confusion, the mind went on a celebratory sepia tinged trip down memory lane.

It all started one Bangalore weekend. With my brother in a act of great kindness teaching some basics of blogging. Armed with fledgling knowledge and feeble know-how and delusion du jour, the tentative steps rolled out. One by one. And have rolled on.

It started with writing for a voice. Meandered to counting comments and then rested on counting ‘hits’! It didn’t take long to baulk at the meaninglessness of one more set of numbers of think of !

These days, its more about just being myself and having fun ! In some sort of surreal dance of joy to see the posts from fellow bloggers and my own insipid attempts at insight ! (Did i hear you say ‘fossil’? )

But hey, its been one heck of journey. One that would not have been possible without readers and co-travellers who have come back for more ! So a big thank you. If you are reading as far as this line of this post !

Given that this blog has side stories for its main story, coupled only with my own amateurish attempts at photography from half a camera, well, gratitude is mandated ! And the writing, well, writing…well, that slope is as slippery as a public toilet !

But, hold on. Am still lurking. Still learning. Still alive. This blog may not be setting the back-alleys of Bombay, Bangalore or Boston abuzz. Heck, it doesn’t even light the bulb in the balcony !

But then, it isn’t in the lighting up business. What has mattered is the love of friends around the world who have been found, established, rediscovered. The power of ideas exchanged. Calibration of the mind and whiff of what lies on the other side of the green ! Attempting pulchritude in the midst of pervasive pessimism !

Over filter coffee, sepia tone and beaming pride in tow, the missus was informed that the blog completes five years today. Only to be told, with ample evidence and enough proof to send defence lawyers to perpetual retirement, that that the blog is only four !

‘Not five’.

Of course the rest of what was said with an arch of the eyebrow, a sniff of the nose and oodles of love, vaguely in the domain of : growth is a slow process and that someday she does hope that i too will grow up, shall remain confined to the safety vaults of harmonious matrimony and world peace.

Heck. So what. Its an anniversary for this blog. Four years is no small time either. Before the missus lands in the scene, give me a High-Five people.

Quick. Before she asks ‘What 4’ , i must thank you for coming back to this page for more. Such acts of kindness keep the world spinning, i must say. If someone consents to be a chief guest, next year we’ll have a party !

(Presiding over a five year heap of posts from a blog like this would require courage, kindness and hope in equal measure ! Think about it. We have a year to go).

For now, i have been holding up my palm in the fond hope that someone will slap my palm and not aim anywhere lower !

35 thoughts on “High 5 ? What 4 ?

  1. Hi5 sir! been an excellent journey through your life and mine and everyone else. 🙂

    and congratulations for still blogging! many have stopped.

  2. Insignia says:

    Congrats..Its no easy feat. A blog is like a baby. You have nurtured it with passion. Wish you many more years of blogging. And your posts are out of box. Really enjoy reading them.. Keep up!! 🙂

  3. Shabash, Mrs Kavi ! Its high time that concepts of time dilation were removed from management minds. He doesnt need to add a blogging year to make it 5….since he already has these 5 :

    1. You
    2. Payasam
    3. Running
    4. Camera
    5. His applauding bloggy friends

    Now let me go and find the meaning of “pulchritude in the midst of pervasive pessimism !”.

    No. Honestly. Happy 4th birthday for the Musings. And wishing you many many more blog birthdays….

    And for the next anniversary, I wish you wouldnt mention slippery toilet slopes.

    Comparing your posts and writing to something beginning with a p,(which is wonderful and your wife makes it), would be so much nicer !

  4. Neha says:

    four or five – we will always have one wish – keep blogging and celebrate many more anniversaries. Love this place and the musings. the Mumbai feeling, the kala ghoda snap, the temperature meter, your AMAZING photography talent, Ugich Konitari’s verses, hmmms and phews everything 🙂

    you for sure inspire many around.. I am sure the cuckoo will agree with me on this 😉

  5. I wish someone would explain the connection between cuckoos, parrots and paint companies….

  6. manuscrypts says:

    congrats.. keep rolling 🙂

  7. after next year the anniversary will roll by and someone will have to remind you..


    the photos are eye opening and the writing mind blowing..

    like you put it so well, the key is to keep sharing thoughts, views, ideas.

    Thanks for blogging!

  8. RGB says:

    I guess the cuckoo is like some people who confuse others with their age. They start counting 1 from the time they were born.

    4 or 5 doesn’t really matter. What you’ve done in the blogosphere certainly does. I’ve enjoyed each one of you posts and hope you keep blogging forever!

  9. sanjeev hirudayaraj says:

    4 or 5, here’s a hi5! I’ve been bemused by every single musing of yours. And the photos. You have a great eye Kavi! Its important to share. Good job. Keep’em coming!

  10. Arundhati says:

    the number of words in this post i didnt understand – yet another set of numbers! regardless, i thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Hi5! And my salaam to mrs. kavi without whom this post and the blog wouldn’t have been the same

  11. Aparna says:

    To think that you have been blogging for 5 (or 4 years) is awe inspiring. And to do it so well!
    You have an incredible blog, so different from the rest. I love it.

  12. Priya says:

    Congrats Kavi!!! Keep blogging as you inspire a lot of people with your beautiful posts.

  13. Congratulations, and Hi-5 too, Kavi! Hope you continue blogging for many more years!

    Yours was one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging. I thought then, and still think, that it is one of the most insightful ones I have read.

  14. nsiyer says:

    Four or five, Kavi … how does it matter. It is the matter that matters and that you have proved without any semblance of doubt. Most of the times, I just visit my blog only to see whether you have written something. If it appears, it is literally up for grabs.

    Continue writing .. my wife and I love it.

  15. Congratulations! 🙂
    Party-time! 🙂
    Best wishes. 🙂

  16. Macha says:

    It has being great connecting with you through the blogs. Great meanderings and thought-provoking writings.Enjoy them immensely. Keep up the good stuff.

  17. Pearl says:

    Consider yourself “fived”, my friend. Your voice rings clearly!


  18. mrinalini says:

    keep at it man.warms many a heart. There! hear the resounding ring of the high one

  19. Kavitha says:

    Hi5! keep counting!

  20. Jeevan says:

    wow! congrats buddy

    As u said, our existence is much concern more than the then number game. There’s something interesting scrolls down your blog every time we visit and its unique is no ones sharp edge.

  21. radha says:

    Even 4 years is a long time. Congratulations. And we will still be regular visitors when you complete five. You can tell the missus that.

  22. I see you started in 2006, so the missus (as usual) is right!! But whatever the number, blogging for that many years is no mean feat! And, with such fantastic posts and photos each time!! Congratulations and please keep on blogging!!

  23. Aleta says:

    Happy 4! I love how you wrote about looking and numbers and realizing, it’s about being you. That’s what your readers enjoy – You!

  24. starry says:

    congratulations on reaching 5 and keep blogging.love to read your posts and pictures.

  25. Congratulations! Keep running, as a marathon runner you have 21 to go!!

    Five or Four? I suspect wives always err on the ‘right side’ while calculating any age 🙂



  26. aativas says:

    May be we should popularize Hi4 instead of Hi5 🙂

  27. thats lovely kavi…was interesting to know your blogs journey…its more being u on blogging is i too believe 🙂

  28. Sriram says:

    Congrats Kavi! 🙂 4 years!

    “its more about just being myself and having fun” – you are so right there.

    Here’s to many more years of awesome writing & fun. thanks for blogging! 🙂


  29. Sweet Cheeks says:

    High Five Kavi!

    Good job for staying with it~

    Sweet Cheeks

  30. sujata says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! 5 years and still going on track and so wonderfully well.

  31. I have enjoyed hearing your voice. I love your observations and the way you write about the world around you.

    “Gimme five, Up high, Down low… too slow!”

  32. Kavi says:

    Thank you everybody for those wonderful wishes !

    Its been a treat to write especially when good wishes like these flow !


    Thanks once again !

  33. Kavi,

    Congrats! After long time I am here. I shall try to frequent. Well done. Keep it going.

  34. ashok says:

    5 yrs? thats great…u have been blogging with a lot of depth in content…truly absorbing work….keep up the good work!

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