passing the buck

Passing of the buck !

The corporate world could do better with a few Salman Khans. Shooting a few bucks as they get passed around. This buck that gets passed around is so prevalent that I only wish it were on the endangered list!

For all the pleasing smooth talk and geniality, passing the buck when the chips are down is so common in the corporate world, that I could almost consider it second nature to many at work. Wrong. First nature.

It was an interesting day today as the buck got passed around and landed at my table. It paused for a moment, and as I was trying to comprehend why it stopped there in the first place at all, a monument was built around it. Next I knew, the world considered a noteworthy event! Some ‘mourners’ turned in to offer ‘sincere’ sympathy. The ‘sincerity’ was so intense that the glee showed.

There were the others who tuned into some news channels who gather information and add the froth and serve it as cuisine. They either gave me a pitying look or a sullen smile depending on which side of the border they were on. There were the others who were huddled together discussing in hushed whispers that reminded me of women in an idle country side !

Oh ! The ways of the world. The corporate world. The big hypocritical corporate world that i am part of. I wonder what causes them to act in the way they act.

I looked around for the referee who red carded Zizu!

But over time, one gets used to it. Churchill wrote “nothing is more exhilarating than to be shot at without result”. Can’t be more appropriate! It’s a question of survival and one needs to weather these bullets.