Taking responsibility !

Every time I pass by the garbage yard, the thought that comes to my mind is the amount of waste that we, as human beings, produce. As the new fly overs, foyers, apartments, brands, recipes, movies, cars and every other element of material wealth get produced, waste and discards have been logical by products.

In our race to accumulate we have somehow missed the true meaning and necessity to assimilate. Cities like Bangalore continue to explode at its seams, and there is so much of clamour about the lack of infrastructure and the inability of the city to take any more of the explosion.

One element that gets missed, even in discussions, is waste management. What do we do with the tons of waste that get produced every day? As I peered into a semi – garbage yard, I got to see all items that were assembled there.

Discarded plastic cans, ropes, shoes, containers, stationary holders, newpapers, pieces of clothes, parts of automobile, plates, pots et al. Articles that would have seen their hey days. Now discarded with abandon.

As a society, people inhabiting planet Earth must take responsibility, that as much as we provide for the creation of the new, we must also take care of what we do with waste. Our responsibility does not cease the moment it goes out of our dust bins into a larger bins outside.

For example, a simple step in the direction would be, shunning plastic. Plastic will ruin us, and Mother Earth. Well, shunning plastic would be ‘very’ difficult as we have to carry stuff differently, among other things, and could very well be incovenienced. But thats a small price to pay for the huge pay off for future generations.

Lets spread the message, and make people more fundamentally aware ! And by the way, lets try and lead by example ! The first step would be to take responsibility for the waste we produce as we rush to claim the glory for producing stuff the world will applaud us for.