On sale !

There seems to be a sale on everywhere. The weekends are seeing malls teeming with people all eager to take in a good bargain.
“Upto 50% Off”.
Buy one take one free”.
Sale at 50%+20%”.

And many more fancy similar combinations. Anything to catch attention. When i entered a mall over the weekend, all I could see was people coming out with bags far too heavier than themselves.

I switch on the TV, there is a discount sale going on somewhere for some brand. I want to switch channels just to stay away from getting any enticed. (Further (i.e.)).

I hit upon BBC, which was covering the war in Beirut. The suddenness of the switch between channels caught a coincidental continuum between two different channels. One which was adversting and the other that was reporting the war..

Upto 50 % off….750 Lebanese and 50 Israelis. Suddenly the irony seemed apparent. Here it was human lives under the brands of Lebanese, Isrealis, Muslims, Hindus, Arabs, Americans, all going at a bargain. For oil, for ‘honour’ (sic), for money. For land. For whatever. For some more comforts.

Our need for ‘some more’ has brought us here. For some more. Probably from another person. Another group. Another nation. Probably from another store. On sale ! The planet and its people are on sale. Wonder who is selling. Everyone seems to be buying.