Of Time & Hope !

This is a copy paste of a mail that was posted to the ISABS e-group, sent by a gentleman called Naveen Tater. I found this to be extremely profound.

It stands still; yet moves. Surges ahead; yet backtracks to reveal its trail. Flies at a crawling pace. Hurts and heals. Bears no history yet tells tales that no story writer has or will ever spin. Has no future of its own, but promises everyone the best. Such dichotomy!

2533 Springs blossomed after the Mahaveera and the Buddha saw the light that illuminates our lives. Vikramaditya’s wisdom is relevant even after 2062 Autumns. Two Thousand Winters have passed since Christ modestly kicked his baby feet. Mohammed’s teachings lead as they did 1427 Summers ago. Calendars with their myriad eras have commemorated them all. Much more light and wisdom flowed in the veins of the Earth before them and more is yet to stream. I will never stand testimony to all of them. Yet a companion of mine did and will witness, endorse and carry those prints for me …

TIME; my uninvited, unrelenting, uncomplaining unseen companion.

Calendars are ironic, attempting to show passing moments with images that stand still in time. Droplets of water freeze, leaves cease to flutter flaunting their youth, rays stretch from the horizons never intending to diminish their brilliance and butterflies and petals unfold their full glory despite their short span. The pages change replaced by more static images, meant to inspire, to move ahead.

Move faster, faster to stop time. Einstein, Eisenberg, Hawking attempted to show that. Yet to stop is no one’s longing. The celebration of life and its cyclic events never cease to bemuse. A droplet meeting the pool below is music; the breath of life hides in the fluttering leaves; rays retract with a promise to meet at the other horizon, the colors bring out a smile. The picture on the calendar fades but the vision renews itself; every season, every day, every moment.

Time brings with it Hope, another unseen companion. Both match every stride of mine, take my hands and spur me on.

While I adjust the nail on my wall to replace the calendar, I fervently wish you friendship of these two companions; Time and Hope. They will want to bring in Good Health, Mirth, Joy and Success with them. Trust you won’t mind the crowd J

Naveen Tater