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In Top Gear

I tune into BBC World regularly. And tune out too, towards the next channel that catches the fancy of the Television remote. But if Top Gear is on BBC World, all else waits.

Last week, I saw the making of a convertible. By cutting open and sawing off the roof of a regular car. Designing a convertible with simple tools (like a hacksaw & pipes) and having the gall to put it to the rigours of a test that a newly made car would undergo! What did you imagine? Of course, the roof caved in!

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond and the mysterious ‘Stig’ conjure up such a show that interests everybody including my soap opera preferring wife. I guess the program brings to the fore the trio’s passion for automobiles. Their enthusiasm and passion are way too infectious and seeps through.

The desi versions on NDTV (the Car & Bike Show) , CNBC are just no match. While Top Gear appeals and connects to the automobile lover and manages to hold on to the interest of anybody who is interested in motion, leave alone automobiles.

The Car & Bike Show or The Auto Show are more programs for the buyer or prospect of an automobile. Or for somebody who has a prima facie interest in cars. The stats and the math of all automobiles in town now or in the future are out on display. On a much more sublime and emotional level, they just don’t connect & appeal to the car lover!!

The fun element that Top Gear brings to the fore, adds to its fire power. The acerbic Jeremy Clarkson leads the charge. The new format brings in competition, as a mode to bring out the details in the cars. And many a times the trio lose out in the various competitions that they set themselves up against. Like competing against an ace mountaineerer on a winding road. And an professional cyclists in the narrow bye lanes Europe.

But end up having a good laugh about the loss they suffer in such competition! Not infallible. And that appeals to my dream of the dream automobile.

It’s a cracker if a programme. And its on Top Gear. Its a must watch !