Bangalore by Mid Day !

Bangalore with all its beauty has been home to some of best of diversities in recent times. For all the noise about bad roads and pollution, each day gets more people into Bangalore. I myself was one such person many years ago, and the city has transformed right in front of me. It has been a city of great contrasts and contradictions !

The Midday campaign brought back many a smile thinking of the city! It’s a wonderful city & probably one of the best in the world. Yes, there is crime. Yes roads are bad. Yes there is pollution. Yes…. It still has a spirit & charm of its own. Impeccable and unmatched!

Warm hearted people are so much a part of the city that they almost offer the perfect foil to the cool climes. Compliment it with ‘Bisi bella bath (bisi is hot in kannada) it offers the perfect balance! The traffic jams in the city are well publicised. But the city has wrestled well with it. Probably with the 100 year old ‘iyengar bakeries’. Every road in the city has a bakery. And if that is any indication, the city must eat as much cake and bread as there are soundbytes about the (traffic) jams. And the java cookies, well, they worlds toughest (techy) cookies live out here! Now, can any city boast of such a combo ?

If you walk down MG road on a Friday, you probably will hear all languages of India spoken. The young at heart indo-western Indian, the rustic tamilian and the pragmatic kannadiga, are a definite hear. If this is not reaching your ears, you probably are in a different city.

Bangalore is a colourful and green city. Lal Bagh is an example. To compliment these serene parks, are equally colourful joints where people use ‘colour coded’ technology like blue tooth

Speaking of colour, well lets not talk about the green card holders who have caused the rents to go through the roof and jeans to go down till where they have gone to. Anything more is going to show the split down the middle! I am talking of the socio-cultural imbalances !

If the road that you took to work from home is the same as the one that you take back home, beware. Don’t get used to it. It soon is becoming a one-way! A city that has taken this in its stride, spouting the odd corner tea shop where you share one coffee by two!!

The city that has 3 million immigrants is a case in point of the diversity India has to offer. So much so that I am tempted to add my own two bit to the campaign. Here is my ad mind dusted out of the attic…

New babies.
Hot babes.
Old dadies & thier babies.

Autorickshaw on the street.
Auto transmission on MG road.
Autopilot in the sky.

Trendy Malls.
Political Mauls.
The best malts.

Maybe you could think of more & definitely, much better ones !

The weather is getting chill these days. But there is the warm hearted people element to compliment !

3 thoughts on “Bangalore by Mid Day !

  1. ashok says:

    wow..sounds great…I will be in bangalore very soon…

  2. Kavi says:

    Sounds great ! Let me know when. We could meet over a bisi coffee ! After all the city has warm hearted people. And am counting myself in too !

  3. ashok says:

    sure k…will let u know 🙂

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