4 SW Technique

These are times of change at work. We have a new management team at work, and they are ringing in a whole lot of changes. People and seemingly well entrenched people have been lifted and flung, resembling Tsunami struck areas of South Asia. A whole lot of uncertainty pervades the entire system, and it isnt good at all. For anybody. Nobody is sure of what the next move from the new top management is going to be. But i guess, everybody realises that the bouncers need to be ducked and hooked at the same time.
Amidst all this uncertainty, there was a colleague who i have a lot of respect for, stand up and talk about a technique. He called it the ‘4 SW’ technique! It was intriguing to me and a whole lot of others. But when he got up to explain it, all of us laughed. When i came http://healthsavy.com/product/celexa/ home and hit the bed and stared at the ceiling, it continued to make a lot of sense to me. In a way, it has become a credo of sorts !!
This is how it goes..
1. SW – Somethings Will happen
2. SW – Somethings Wont happen
3. SW – So What
4. SW – Start Working !
Nowadays, when the perenial naysayers, and doomsday predictors come by, i just nod my head and say So what, and start working !
A friend of mine remarked cryptically, “But why do you have to Start Working. The 4th SW could also stand for Stop Working” !! I was bowled.
So what !!

2 thoughts on “4 SW Technique

  1. priya says:

    Smart girl, you bet!!!

  2. yes…more like the question whether we want to sit and wait for tragedy to consume us or go ahead and heal the wounds. The answers mean we must go ahead. nice post kavi.

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