Swatantra & Sudha Murthy !

An excited friend of mine, Swatantra called me up Friday morning.

Sudha Murthy, the wife of the legendary Narayan Murthy of Infosys. Many years ago, Sudha Murthy had an interaction with JRD Tata, which got her employed with the TATAs, and broke down set norms about women not being employed with the TATAs. Swatanra had read about it, just like me and most of us.

Swatantra, many years later had a similar experience, with an employer who was not keen to hire women (infact Swatantra was called in for the interview, thinking that ‘Swatantra’ would be a man!). After speaking to her, they changed their opinion, hired her, and after she chose to move on, have kept hiring only women for that position!

I guess the need to connect to Sudha Murthy was present in Swatantra for a long time. On Friday, the purpose was just stronger. She calls up the Infosys office in Bangalore from Delhi, requests to speak to Sudha Murthy. Lo and behold 10 minutes later, she is she is speaking to the lady herself.

Swatantra was so excited about the encouraging words that Sudha Murthy had for her. And I guess it made her day. Made http://www.buyambienmed.com/buy-ambien/ mine too. I was thinking if I could have done something like calling up Sudha Murthy or Naryan Murthy. I don’t think so! Atleast, not before today.

Set me thinking.

I have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with quite a few head honchos. And most of the best in the business have been humble and kind. Their styles have directly contrasted with the ‘I-tell-you-what-to-do-coz-i-know-best’ aggression of others. And over a long period of time this brand of aggression doesn’t get the big guns firing far enough. Although, easily loud enough!!

The humble and approachable folks endear themselves to people, without compromising on business objectives. The results show. If I recall right, this is also one element that Jim Collins mentions in his book ‘Good To Great’ as a trait of successful CEOs.

Coming back to Swatantra, the one element that all of us know clearly (in th back of our minds that is), is that the strongest of all barriers is the one that we have in our own minds. To me, Swatantra’s tryst with Sudha Murthy is a fine example.

3 thoughts on “Swatantra & Sudha Murthy !

  1. ashok says:

    amazing friend u have…

  2. true enough, if we broke the barries, go against the winds of stagnation and forge forward with the will to change, we can achieve anything. We need to sacrifice more but the journey is inspiring.

  3. Amazing! So that day, Swatantra might have figured in atleast a one minute discussion between the Murthys. Great Yaar!!

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