If !

Thats such a ‘small’ word !

If it were to happen. If only things were different. If I hadn’t done this. If I had done that.

If I only I had spoken to her then. If only i knew. If i had studied. If there was no war. If there was only peace.

If I had voiced my opinion. . If I was the prime minister . If I wasn’t scared. If only, I could take more risk. If all meek ones inherited the earth. If women understood men. If only men understood women. If only we knew.

If not for him. . If I get a raise. If I fall. If only it works. If I could do that. If only I could sleep less. If only i had more gaurantees. If there was peace all around. If I live to a 100.If i could bring happiness in someones life.

If only I could eat less. If I could earn more. If I had more friends. If I could pull myself together. If I could bounce back like a tennis ball. If i were perfect.

If I ran the company. If i ran away.

“ if you can keep your head when all men all about you
are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you..”

If i could write like Kipling.

If, they say, is bang in the middle of Life.

If i lived every minute.

If only I could stop !
I would.

I just did.

10 thoughts on “If !

  1. KK says:

    If only i did not come across ur blog, I would have missed reading such wonderful posts 🙂

  2. Keshi says:

    I dun IF anymore…cos I know IFs r there for a reason…for us to realise that we cant change our destiny.


  3. Wow! If is bang in the middle of Life & so we know why life is so full of “IFs”!

    neat as usual!


  4. Jeevan says:

    If i dint read this If post, I dont know If i could comment.

  5. Swatantra says:

    Nicely written..!! Reminded me one of my favourite quote,” If you can’t see the stars twinkle in the night sky, it doesn’t mean that they have disappeared. They are just behind the blanket of clouds and you will see them shine again.”

  6. if only i can change the world…

  7. Kavi says:

    KK : If i only knew for sure you arent pulling my leg !

    keshi: if only i could not ‘if’ anymore…

    Rashmi: If not for constant encouragement from friends like you..

    Jeevan: If this post influenced you that bad…

    Swatantra: If this did get you to think of a long lost poem, it indeed is good !

    GP: If only !

  8. Anonymous says:

    If and only if! Howzzat?

  9. Deekshanya says:

    If – by Kipling is the best poem on Earth according to me.. Interesting post.

    If you get the chance, listen to skanda guru kavasam (It starts like “kaliyuga theivamay, kandanukku moothonay…”) – it contains a lot of meaningful stuff just like “if”


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