Robbing Parkinson to pay Peter

Work expands to fill the time available to do it“. That’s Parkinson’s Law.

Many many years ago, my dad introduced me to the book and concept. I have seen it in action everyday.

Assume you had 5 hours to do a job, and you actually require only 3. The time that you would take to complete the same job would be more than 3 ! This is not about whiling away time. Its about work expanding!

For ex; It it was a letter, you would have experimented with the fonts, ran spell checks etc. Work would have expanded! Simple solution: Take cognizance of time, and always allot multiple activities, with definite time spans planned!

The Peter Principle is my all time favourite. Its another pithy concept which states
Every person will get promoted until he reaches his position of incompetence”.

Ex: A supervisor in a bakery who was excellent at making soft loaves of bread gets promoted as manager. He begins an advertising campaign, which states “ We are the best Loafers in town” ! Well, he was a great supervisor, but was incompetent for the position of manager!

Don’t we all see such characters in our daily life ! By the way, there is a corollary to this law. And that states, “ At any given point, some profile in the organisation is occupied by a person who is incompetent for that position” ! Wow ! Afterall, there is a scientific reasoning for that !

If you have a lot of time and a lousy boss, well, thats when you rob Parkinson to pay Peter !!

7 thoughts on “Robbing Parkinson to pay Peter

  1. KK says:

    Nice post…very true that aperson gets promoted until he becomes incompetent 🙂

  2. Keshi says:

    Very interesting!


  3. logic says:

    Good read kavi,,helpful too..keep up the good work (ofcourse time spans planned)

  4. shark says:

    LOL! on robbing Parkinson to pay Peter!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. You have a very nice blog here 🙂

  5. Swatantra says:

    Really liked the content of thought you had put on this post… Keep up the good wrok!!

  6. mitr_bayarea says:


    First time visitor here-came from Sundar’s blog.

    Nice thoughts and I concur on work exapnds to fill the time. This is true in our daily life, more so in the office- it seems like the more time we have given to us, the more we drag completing the stuff given to us.

  7. Kavi says:

    KK & Keshi: Thanks for your comments. It indeed is interesting. Check out the books sometime !

    Logic : Thanks mate ! Will try !

    Shark : Thank you ! Welcome here !

    Swatantra : Thank You ! Appreciate it

    Mitr : Thanks for coming here ! Appreciate your comments. You are so right. More time, more the work !!

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