The Sunday Post. The week that was !

In more ways than one, the week that was significant !

Uncertainty at work, killed possibilities of productive growth and pathforward. I hope the guys up there have some understanding of this and ensure that things are set up properly, and the stage is set for big battles. Sabre rattling can cause the rank and file to be unnerved and unenthused ! Somebody said, the corner room needs a campaign manager. Well ! Huh !

Some firm resolutions & actions from the personal side, made this week suddenly ‘productive’ ! I fixed some tax issues. Insurance issues. Bank visits and related rig morale. Two public sector banks. One visit went like this.

Me: I have an account with you for a year and half, and am yet to get the promised ATM card.

Customer ‘SERVICE’ Rep” : Without looking up. Am busy today. Come on a week day, at 2.30 PM.

Me: I work far away from here and I cant travel all the way to get an ATM card. (I didn’t want to talk to him about my problems at work !)

CSR: That’s ok. You have to come on a week day

Me: Mister. That’s NOT ok.

CSR: (Looks up. Points to the managers cabin). Please go inside and speak to him.

Me: Huh !

The other public bank, was far lousier. So will not write about it. The health check ups were done. Some sundry payments were made (Its onlyt the payments !!) . Library memberships were done.

Surrendering a Reliance phone took 45 minutes. I had to explain why I had to surrender the phone to three different people, each of whom had the same set of questions. ( I took me 20 minutes to get the connection). And it is still not done ! The process took so much time that I felt like walking up some remote Himalayan jungle.

Wife landed a job, and that is posing requirements of significant changes in our lifestyle. And we have to reinvent ourselves all over again. A challenge worth its time i guess ! I met a long lost friend over lunch. His perspectives were clear. As usual. Sunil is a treat to be with. And in his own way, is so very inspiring.

Another interesting part was to be with students of the National Association for the Blind at a send off for senior blind students. It was both touching and wonderful to see people with such resolve, overcoming obstacles that were thrown at them. When I think of them and what they achieve and how they continue to face life, Customer Service Reps in Public sector banks, and the Reliance phone executives appear as mere specks in a long road ! I intend working closely with these blind kids.

When i look back at the week that went by, there is a quiet satisfaction at what was done. It was good, but could have been better ! Perhaps we’ll be turning the corner for good, quickly. Well, thats the hope. As i write this, i am reminded of the credo from Gita, “Do your duty. Dont worry about the results”.

Am positive the results will come !The new week will bring with it its problems. But I am girding my loins.

Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Post. The week that was !

  1. indianangel says:

    Good luck Buddy! Appears though you’ve had a tough week! 🙂 take care!

  2. good luck. wife lands a job.. that is reason for celebration !


  3. Swatantra says:

    Here is one for you,”The popcorn kernel is small,indigestable,and seemingly worthless. But put it in a pot and hold it over the fire, and it will be transformed before your eyes. Sometimes Life’s pressure and problems can do the same for you. ”

    Good Luck! AMEN!

  4. Jeevan says:

    Any way u had a nice week itseem:)

  5. Kavi says:

    Thanks Prasanna !

    Yes Sundar ! Wife landed a job. The pay is peanuts, but the experience is interesting. Thats what she tells me !!

    Swatantra: As usual ! Thank you !

    Jeevan : Yes & no ! Lets hope !

  6. priya says:

    Kavi:GL and its indeed a pain and a challenge to make such changes huh!!!

    Congrats to her on her new job!!! I am still digging to find my treasure.

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