Weekend Date !

As the weekend draws to a close, I don’t know where or how it just disappeared. Maybe, I should be saying that in present tense. Its only Sunday evening, and already, there is this ‘awww, tomorrow is monday’ feeling that is in. It could be because the week ahead is littered with potential minefields. Maybe. Maybe not.

Why do I look forward to the Friday evenings and then have the Monday morning blues? That leads me to the next question. What is that about the weekends that I like so much? Is it the time for myself ? The time for us – Me and my wife ? The time for books and sunday reads ? Or the Saturday lunch ? Is it the two hours of tennis ? Some TV ? Or is it the time to catch up with the few friends that I have ? Could be all.

I think it could also be the simple ‘Bombay Tea’ routines on the two mornings.

Its a simple affair. On Saturday and Sunday mornings we walk about 100 meters from home to a local tea shop, and order tea. Two full glasses of tea. We discuss something. Anything. I have noticed a routine. On Saturday morning, its about all that we need to be doing. On Sunday, its about the world. Our families. Our neighbors. Problems. Wins. Losses. Cribs. Winces. Whatever. This http://healthsavy.com/product/klonopin/ routine has come by default and not be design. Kind of a weekend date with my wife !

As i think about it now, we just sit there and talk for 30 minutes and watch the world go by. The neighbourhood is not exactly a picturesque French Boulevard. But a pothole ridden dusty Bangalore road. But that seems immaterial ! It just is our time with the world outside. We have stuck to this routine for the past 8 – 9 months atleast, and it has become an important part of our existence. It helps us connect to each others world. And together connect to our world outside. Connecting for Rs.5/- only !!

I have had better tea, by the way. But this comes close to the best. Because it brings with it the moment. The morning air. The lazy weekend morning air. And the spirit that goes with it! The hope and the meaning that the struggle that the rest of the days have with it, have indeed some results! That’s an integral part of my weekends.

It now has to wait for another 5 days !! The count down has commenced. Again. Like every weekday!!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Date !

  1. Keshi says:

    I love weekends…and I fall in love with him everytime he’s ard 😉


  2. hey its romantic! I mean…imagine…okay now im starting to like married life. Maybe I will get married after all. Its true that you can have it all, but then again we can always try to get what we want most at times.

    And the routine is normal in life, dont worry, its for the best, then u will find a new place and everything will repeat again with new settings and new topics. Life is beautiful and great!

  3. sophie says:

    hmm..tat gives me a heavy sigh…
    mondya blues right….

  4. Jeevan says:

    Weekends are always fun. for the office going people the sunday is a day for sleep, for mothers its a day for take rest form the School going kids and office going husband. mostly i will not be in a mood to read an thing, just watch TV and going out.

  5. that is very romantic..

    todays average life is hurried..it is nice that you have found a way to wake up and smell the chai!!


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