In a lab. An ISABS experience !

The ‘Lab (as in laboratory) in Human Processes’ lasts for a week. That was were i was, as described in my earlier pos. ‘What is a lab ? ’ is a all too familiar question for me, by now. And my struggle to answer that question precisely, confounds me. This is one more attempt !

The term ‘ISABS’ was thrown at me, about a year and a half back in a job interview, where I was asked if I had done a process lab at ISABs. My reply “What was ISABs?” After paying the obeisance to Google search, I landed at ISABs in Hyderabad in the early part of this year and fell in love with the process and its potential !

This time around I was there at the advanced lab at the ECC, Bangalore. I trudged into ECC, and one of the 1st sign boards that caught my attention was this !

The ISABs lab was for the journey into a beautiful forest called life of the human mind. My mind! And i had to do some packing / unpacking !

Well, what do we do in a lab ? Here are extracts from various conversations with various people about the labs. These are questions that would run in your mind too, if you are hearing about it for the first time!

Someone: So what do you do in a lab ?

Me: We talk.

Someone: Talk ? About ? With whom ?

Me: Me & 5-6 others in the lab.

Someone: You mean, you guys go there, sit down and yap about each other all time? For how long ?

Me: Well, its more than that. But over a five day period so much of it is discovered

Someone: WHAT? Five days ? For five full days ? You just sit and talk ? And how much did you shell out for going there? We do it all the time man !

Me: I am frustrated that I am unable to connect to you. I am trying to experience you in the moment.

Someone: What ? Experience me ? Now what was that? What the hell was that? You sure do talk differently now. Huh ! Tell me what did you learn.

Me: I have been able to connect to myself on a more fundamental plane. Am aware of myself. My feelings, thoughts, actions.

Someone: Aware of yourself ? What crap is that ? Who did you think you were before you went in ? Some confused junkie ? Nicholas Cage in Face Off ?

Me: Huh ! Listen, This time around, the lab was so very intense for me. And I have come out as a changed man.

Someone: I can see that. Atleast I can hear that !

Me: I need my own space for sometime to internalize those light bulb moments

Someone: As far as I can see, what went in as a well lit bulb, has come back as a tube light. So.

Me: So?

Someone: What do you mean so?

Me: Listen, just go attend a lab !

Someone: That sounded so much like “go to hell” man !

Me: Huh ! Huh ! You’ll never realise. On second thoughts, i’d never be able to let you know all about it, unless you attend it.

To me, the Human Process Labs bring out so much of you into the open, in a very democratic way, giving back to you as much as you want to put into it. Perhaps more. The effect is long lasting, and the discussions come back to stare at you at traffic signals. In bed. At breakfast. At work. In the bathrooms. Practically everywhere. At all times. The impact is so very profound and deep.

The labs focus on giving a participant a beautiful insight into self, and a better understanding of achieving effectiveness in a group. To me, the five days brought back all emotions that run through in life. Happiness. Joy. Sadness. Frustration. Elation. Anxiety. Fear. Concern. And a whole lot more. The simplicity of the process and the marvelous methods to peep into minds of others were deep and insightful ! The beauty of the human mind and the mystique of its many ways, touched me deeply.

In short, The ALHP ( Advanced Lab in Human Processes) reposed my faith in myself, in a rather pristine way.

Well, there is one more element : The friends that I have earned in this journey, are folks with whom I could connect, and WANT to remain connected to. These are people who I saw for the first time about 7 days back. But seem to know them for 7 or more years. Wonderful individuals, with wonderful hearts and beautiful minds ! I just love them for who they are, and all what that they did !

My transformation, in a way, makes my wife, brother and many others in the close circle want to go through a lab. They are able to see a difference in me ! Well, need I say more ? That was the greatest vindication of sorts !!!

As I struggle to transform the multitude of thoughts to words, I probably could say, “Listen, just go attend a lab” !

There are many images that stick in my mind, when i think of this lab. One of them is this pathway to where the lab took place.

Each time i trudged down this road to reach the lab, a strange chord tugged me along! And i just went by the tug. Glad i did !

15 thoughts on “In a lab. An ISABS experience !

  1. shark says:

    🙂 Good that you enjoyed the lab. Share (if possible) more on the activities which you did there.

  2. pria says:


    That something new to me and glad you shared here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kavi seems like you enjoyed the lab. Seems interesting. Would to like to attend it if I get a chance. I like to explore myself and also understand the human brain more. Seems like this will be the place where I can know all that.

  4. Krishnakumar says:

    The snap was quite impressive

  5. Krishnakumar says:

    Snap is very impressive 🙂

  6. //Me: I need my own space for sometime to internalize those light bulb moments//

    Loved this post. its an intelligent world after all and we are here to savour information and realize our existence.

  7. Kavi says:

    Folks, i enjoyed the lab, and its very difficult to express it all in words. You must go through a lab to understand it fully. It is a life changing experience. Trust me !

    Shark : Frankly, there are no ‘activities’ and all what is there to share is here. It is the people and the magic they weave around. Its a must attend thing in life !

    Pria: Thanks !

    KK: Do attend ! Its life changing ! You will know that and a little more too !

    Krishna Kumar: Welcome here ! Thanks for your comment !

    GP: You bet ghosty ! We need to savour the world better !

  8. Anonymous says:

    Read this recently – difference between rut and groove is but dimension.
    Grooves are good, you can slide along the path in the way
    you should go.
    Ruts are so deep you can’t get out, and can’t
    do anything different.
    Am glad you could something different and look into yourself – Good going Kavi!

  9. looks like i have some googling to do and understand what this is all about ..


    any guy who throws khalil gibran quotes should be above average.. going through transforming experiences (based on your own description) reminds me of Morgan Freeman making the sharks more intelligent.. he he.


    glad you had a great time.

  10. Swatantra says:

    Hi Kavi,

    I am glad and thankful to you that you shared your experience here.. I want to attend this lab.. i have seen the website.. very interesting..

    Keep on sharing the things to the world, which makes difference to their life…Extremely good!!

    Thanks again!!

  11. You seem to have a different experience. I am sure you would have enjoyed it. I have had a similar experience but for only two and half day without any mobile, newspaper and any electronic stuff and no news from your family. It was so wonderful. Believe it or not it was just conducted in Chennai and it was a great experience to be away from the usual things and look into yourself.

    I understand how you would have felt. Keep it up!

  12. TSN says:

    I attended recently. I felt like caged animal. Facilitators don’t explain the methodology. A group of 10 people put in a room being blasted repeatedly, expected to express themselves ‘how each one feels’ towards the group behaviour!!!! And develop and understand group dynamics! All my feelings came back after I came out of the conditioned atmosphere

  13. Vivek Patwardhan says:

    Interesting account. I too had a similar experience.

  14. DEEPAK KUMAR JHA says:

    I want to start with the basic isabs lab process.Whom should I contact for the procedure to attend the courses?

  15. Kavi Arasu says:

    You may want to check

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