The Volvo burns

“Two people died and 19 were injured when a BMTC Volvo bus ploughed through a group of HAL employees.The employees were coming out of their factory on Bangalore’s busy airport road. According to reports, the driver lost control of the bus after its brakes failed. The mob set the bus and other nearby vehicles on fire and traffic has been completely disrupted on the busy road.” NDTV

This is the second time within the last year that buses in Bangalore have been burnt. While, it is extremely unfortunate that people lost lives because of this tragic accident, it does not give licence to angry mobs to burn down public property. I am appalled at the impunity with which people carry out such activities and go scott free.

When Dr. Rajkumar passed away, property worth crores were destroyed. Policemen were lynched for trying to keep order. At that time, the plush Volvo buses were pulled off road immediately for fear of them being torched. (The Volvo buses have come to signify some of the strides that Bangalore is making in its march ahead, with plust interiors and comfort. Bringing luxury to the common man).

Today, a bus was torched because its brakes failed. What tomorrow ? Where is the end ? Keshi had written in her previous post about vendetta. This incident, is more than plain vendetta. This is insanity worse than George Bush’s “with us or agains us” dialogue. I hope the morons who burnt the buses and torched other vehicles realise that they are burning their own property. Property which was created by money they paid : When they bought goods and they got their pay checks. When will this realisation come in ?

Theorists will talk about abscence of rationale in a mob mentality. I would concur. But if the appearance of such mobs increase in frequency, one only wonders, when next ? The solutions cant come in unless there are stringent punishments and strong deterrants.

7 thoughts on “The Volvo burns

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s so sad to hear , that mobs have started setting fire to bus. I think these kinda of mobs just wait for a reason to do something like this. Politics may be playing a underhand in this.

  2. pria says:

    Know wat- people just don’t care and thaz and its called mobs without any hesitation. Such people go crazy and not think of the output or cost. Its their own tax money that the government is collecting unless those mobs work.

  3. Keshi says:

    Thats really sad Kavi! What a tragedy.

    **The solutions cant come in unless there are stringent punishments and strong deterrants.

    yes we need strong detterents such as life sentences with no parole for such losers.


  4. Anonymous says:

    gives a whole new meaning to ‘flaming red’.. meanwhile let me know if you want to have a look at the unused creatives of the Mid Day campaign..

  5. The moment I saw this in the news last night, I could only feel ashamed of our folks. Such incidents make me feel ashamed, and think of those barbarian days. Here, the major roads are kept away from public interference. I think the safety measures are less in our country. I know it is inevitable with the kind of population expolosion happening over there. It is natural for people becoming outrageous. But they should understand that by indulging in such acts, they add more insult to the injury.

  6. had seen ferrari warning people to avoid the road after the accident..

    this is not new right ? we have seen buses burning for as long as I can remember.. i am happy there were no live people in the bus..recently they set a bunch of school or college girls inside a bus on fire, didnt they ?

    mobs are mobs, in any country !!

  7. Jeevan says:

    Destroying is very easy but creating is very hard. even in the Local Body eletion in cheenai, the political members broke many public property’s. Only brain less people do this!!

    Happy Diwali Friend:)

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