Art & blurring borders !

Kamal put this up on his blog, and introduced me this video & ‘hip-hop’. It was quite interesting to watch it and the verses in Tamil did make a lot of sense ! Quite liked the end !

I was more taken in by the mesh of old world Ilayaraja’s tunes along with a uniquely western (US) culture setting, shot in Malaysia, with a dialect that is common to South Tamil Nadu ! And uniquely appealing to a multitude of audiences ! After all, there seems to be truth in the fact that music breaks barriers.

Whilst that is one side of the story, there will be many of you, who could view this is a
breaking down of culture, where ‘pure’ music / culture is getting altered, influenced by a western mindset.

To me, to stay with my pet theme of the season, i see this as an example of ‘blurring of the borders !!’ The ‘alternate’ will grow. Along with the ‘pure’ !

4 thoughts on “Art & blurring borders !

  1. Anonymous says:

    so long as the ‘pure’ form gets catalogued somewhere, experimentation is good.. the other ange to it is perhaps the increasing need for customisation.. so if i am given an x thing i like to tweak it around to my liking..its a reflection of me that i like to speak for templates, food, music, videos, the reasons for a my space or a you tube’s success can perhaps be attributed to that.. what say?

  2. Jeevan says:

    i can’t see the video here!

  3. Keshi says:

    I like Ilayaraja’s music.


  4. u found the hip hop wannabess of Malaysia sarr… I wanted to blog about them. I am so damn angry because they are taking shortcuts in copying the music. There is not generic music industry here anymore.

    Fusion is not good!

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