Trouble Times. Or is it ?

The past so many days have flown past like a tornado. Leaving a trail of destruction behind. As the dayz whizzed by and i struggled to keep pace with it, the oft repeated question of ‘for how long’ was back to haunt me.

Freedom, has been a very important and passionate word for me. But i am not completely sure what it means to be free. Does it mean that i will be free of worries. Free of loans. Free of bosses. Free of needs. Free of what ? Perhaps free from myself and my own turbulations.

As the days whizzed by, i kept company of freedom through ‘Freedom’ by Osho. It is a refreshingly different book, and i sense that something is on in me. Rather fundamentally. Over the last so many months there has been a growing realisation that i am a beautiful person indeed. No matter, what anybody else thinks. Yes, there is a not-so-good side. But i recognise it, and have been able to say, ‘well, thats me as well.’ And thats not been easy.

These days, there are spasms of calmness that keep me occassional company. Islands of peace in turbulent seas. But these occassions remind of the endless possibilities that are present. Well within me.

Maybe, this has been a good time. Well, as Charles Dickens wrote in Tale of Two cities, this perhaps is the best of times. Perhaps the worst of times too.

Life goes on !

7 thoughts on “Trouble Times. Or is it ?

  1. Keshi says:

    Great post!

    **Perhaps free from myself and my own turbulations.

    Freedom IMO is being free to make ur own decisions.

    This may be the best/worst of all times but heyyy we r still alive 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    You seem to be totally smitten by Osho.
    If it helps you calm your mind.. then that should be it 🙂

    May you find more and more peace within yourself.

    Life not only goes on.. it’s wonderful. Make the best out of it 🙂

  3. all time are the best times for the young at heart, for the passionate soul. if only for every moment and incident we can learn to take the best out of it, then they questions are answered…we are lonely until the sun rises, until the days wither to a generation new.

  4. GuNs says:

    Osho is the culprit again !
    I have another friend who once read a book by Osho and is now a complete fan of his. Maybe that guy wasnt just a big sham after all. Maybe he was just another common man who was a little wiser than the usual common man.

    With this nrew found energy and patience, maybe you can venture out and do something new…something which you always wanted to do but were scared of failure.


  5. Swatantra says:

    Nice Poost!!

    Three words i have learnt in my life, ” It goes on”

  6. Swatantra says:

    Nice Poost!! Nice Picture!!

    Three words i have learnt in my life, ” It goes on”

  7. Shiva says:

    All this is required to be in freedom is to be yourself and the very realization that you need freedom is a great leap towards attaining it. Freedom makes you a witness – you are no longer the actor or the acted upon.Hence, you are free, but still life goes on, alone with it the search too..

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