A Madurai photo essay !

It was an interesting trip. One that didn’t go to complete fruition on the family front. But, the satisfaction of being there with the family in a time of crisis offered me some solace. Its a long road to walk on. Thanks again for all the words of encouragement. Folks are doing ok. And to me, thats great news !

A visit to Madurai doesn’t go without a visit to the temple.

The sheer majesticity, the scale and the serenity of the place soothes the soul. I sought blessing for all of you too. I have been there so many times. Each time, is a reassurance. Of a bigger purpose out there which i would need to connect to. And seek to push myself towards.

But as is usual, there are other things about the city that catches my attention. The time i was there this time, was when the Chief Minister was being awarded a doctorate ! (yes. one more) This time it was for the contribution to Literature. Don’t quite know what the earlier Doctorate(s) were for.

But this is becoming quite a trend. With each university vying to confer a Doctorate on the chief ministers of the day ! The town was festooned with political statements, flags and graffiti. So much for education. By the way, sometimes get quite confused at who really is getting the award..?!

The town in itself continued to bustle with an intense level of activity. People being islands of excellence in the sea of crass sycophancy. A vendor of old newspapers passed me with such fervour, that it would have done Lance Armstrong proud. It was a delight to see him captured in my frame!

An old time ‘friend’ was the old man who sells ground nuts. Speaking to me with aplomb while tying up packs of Ground nuts for home we connected to the old times in a jiffy! I remembered my dad telling me, “It doesn’t matter if you are just a Janitor. Just make sure you love being a Janitor and that you are one heck of a Janitor” ! This was one heck of a ground nut seller !

Before long, it was time to get back. As i reached out to buy some halwa for some home sick folks in Bangalore, i realised that time flew by.

As i looked at the clock at the Railway station, i realised, time holds all answers! This time, it was 7.50 PM. Time for the train!

7 thoughts on “A Madurai photo essay !

  1. Keshi says:

    WOW Madurai seems so beautiful. Full of life!


  2. Shiva says:


    Great to know that people at home are doing fine.

    This post draga me to the daya st Madurai –

    The majestic Raja gopuram and the Lotus Tank still remains the same.

    Though it’s called the Temple city, I could relate madurai to food.

    The hot halwa of Prema Vilas

    Idly with the multitudes of chutney at Mudhaliar Kadai

    Bone fry at Konar Mess

    Biryani at Townhall road Taj

    Crab Masala at Amma Mess

    Ayira Meen at Saraswathi Mess

    The non-veg meal at Arulanandham Mess, Vilakkuthoon

    The Jigar Thanda at Vilakkuthoon

    Idiyaappam Paya at Ajmer Mess

    Ven Pongal and Nei Idly Saambaar at Arya Bhavan

    The veg meal at Sriram mess

    Raagi Puttu at Meenakshi Bhavan

    – Not sure if they all remain the same!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just love those jasmine flowers of madurai. They have a nack to put it together little different fromother cities.

  4. Kavi says:

    Keshi: You must visit the place ! It is a lovely place

    Shiva: Your comment made me salivate like Pavlovs dog ! Am not sure of the various restaurants ! But some of them are doing such good business, that it makes sense to go there just to get the aroma !

    Priya: Madurai Jasmines are incomparable !

  5. Swatantra says:

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful thoughts! Beautiful people and written beautifully…..
    Memories of the days spent with our own roots became fresh in mind!!
    It is always a pleasure reading your blog!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. definitly great! i love the nostalgic old town feel to it. Happy to know eerything is fine with you sar.

  7. Jeevan says:

    Beautiful pic of Madhurai Menakshi amman temple, i have been to the temple years back, but had change to spent little time their. In thirukkalkundram also their was a Lala sweet shop!

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