Having the Cake and eating it too.

Tough times dont last. But tough people do. Been saying that to myself, as i try and wear my troubles down. Its been a hectic time. Away from the blog and close friends. Sometimes, life comes upto you and stares in the eye, before awarding you a yellow card, for no foul of yours! But then, thats part of the game.

I am not sure as to how many times i have shrugged my shoulders in the past couple of weeks, trying to regain basics and come back. Well, Life rolls on. The permutations and combinations that goes on in the mind of what awaits us at the end of any tunnel are mindblowing. But the end somehow is just the same. Today, some one commented that i have to stay focussed on the long run to ride through current problems. I remembered a quote, “In the long run we are all dead” !

But, on second http://healthsavy.com/product/celebrex/ thoughts, things arent as bad. I still have a reasonably healthy body. A sane mind ( I think), a wonderful family, a few good habits to even out the many odd ones, a clutch of friends. A decent forehand. A roof above. Six wheels to move around. Books to read and a blog to write ! Life has been kind.

My mind darts to the so many to whom life has been extra kind, with multitude of riches or the warmth of the heart or the width in the mind to be happy with whaever. Within no time, the mind darts to the other end of the spectrum : The crying Iraqi. the dead American. The ‘vaccum in the mind’ professionals… Life indeed has been kind.

Will blog regularly. Hope to. It keeps me even. After all, life is for living. Just as cakes are for eating !

10 thoughts on “Having the Cake and eating it too.

  1. Anonymous says:

    six wheels???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do keep posting on your blog Kavi, whenever you can 🙂

  3. Keshi says:

    Kavi shit happens. U wudnt believe what’s going on in my life! But I just get by with a little helps from my friends. U guys keep me sane, so cheer up n b with us here. Hugggggggggz!

    abt that quote…well I always said Cakes are for eating! 🙂


  4. Shiva says:

    Kavi, a generous expression of gratitude toward the beautitude and shortcomings of life and cake. Relishing a pastries at the Cake shop of the Taj, Maudrai or the Pastry Corner, Kodaikanal is an ecstasy by itself, but always ends with the guilt factor when it boils down to the calories. Anyways, life seems to be no different.

  5. Swatantra says:

    Mast raho!! Karo wohi jo dil kahe!!

    Today morning we all were awaiting for the new birth of my friend’s baby.. I was in office when she called up, i was shouting with joy to know the news, as we all were praying for the baby girl, when i heard that it is a baby girl.. i screamed with joy that the people from the nearby office also came out…

  6. just to tell you that in that permutation are me and you and alot more friends and family to keep you company. we are all one family.

    All the best sar!

  7. Jeevan says:

    Hi Kave, its been a while i read your post! glad every thing goes fine with u dear:) Take care.

    Live is to live, its in our hand to make it a Best.

  8. Kavi says:

    Mystic Rose: Welcome here ! 6 wheels = 1 bike + 1 car !

    Kesshi : Thanks for standing by ! Actually ‘Thank you’ is all too small to express all that i am feeling for you and all others right now. But, will stick to that !

    Shiva: Life seems to be no different ! Well said !

    Swatantra: Congratulations on the new arrival ! The bundle of joy is always a bundle !

    GP : Thanks mate ! ‘We are one family’ ! Yes we are. We must meet up sometime mate !

  9. priya says:

    Its just the time we need to keep up and share with others.

  10. well will sar once i come to india someday.

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