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Organisations continue to thrive and progress. Because of people. Despite people ! It has been the collective might of many an effort which leads to cumulative results. Many a times, surprisingly positive!

There have been intense discussions which pervades all organizations. I am sure in yours as well. Am sure there are corner room / washroom / coffee machine / parking lot conversations which go like

You know, HE got a promotion for THAT
Dude, this company aint go so far man
Are you looking out as well
You know what, I heard your friend is in the firing line
Did you hear the news about the Mr. XYZ
God knows who will bring the money.
She is so slimy..

All of that and more. Well, its all perception they say. My only angst is with the very tongues waxing eloquence with quotes as above, in private, singing praises so that everything seems hunky dory to the world outside. In a sense, there are no permanent friends out there. No permanent enemies out there. Everything is transaction based.

But I have made some great friends out there. Great people who have reached out and we connected well. People who reached out without pushing their luck and knifing me in the back.

I guess the opportunity does exist. One must be discerning enough to spot it reach out to people. It isn’t easy, for one does get let down. But then, for every 10 that lets you down, there must be one, just like you : looking to forward to connect !

Go try find him or her. Good luck. The process is so ‘experience giving’ ! And, oh yes, the result so very fulfilling. By the way, there is plenty of exercise equipment in the gym. Just in case you wanted to be on a fitness program !
PS: Picture courtesy, CV Ramana

6 thoughts on “Finess Programs

  1. pria says:

    Kavi: People who talk big never succeed. They become/feel inferior and amke others to feel rotten. Such people shud never be treated well and just cut throat.
    Gossip- it lives everywhere and nobody can change..

  2. Anonymous says:

    that pic is part of a series, i think, theres one that goes ‘If a**holes could fly, this place would be an airport’… but you are right, its is transaction based, and hence the need to understand thats its a job, not life!!

  3. Shiva says:

    We need the garallous cranks to add salt to the team, though they don’t add any value. It’s an irony that it ,turns more salty when people pretend to act more professionally rather than naturally. I enjoyed the post.

  4. Keshi says:

    I try n avoid work politics…I know there r ppl at work who try to push their way past others.


  5. Brood Mode says:

    “In a sense, there are no permanent friends out there. No permanent enemies out there. Everything is transaction based”

    In the most cynical sense, I have to agree with you on that. But there are people (like you and maybe :P) who magically manage to transcend that barrier…What say??? 😀

    Bitching and knifing and opportunism has become a whole parallel career…

  6. Anonymous says:

    ahha! sar! How r you?

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