Alls well with the world !

Been busy !

Well, that perhaps is the closest that is there to explain inactivity in this space. Sometimes you never know what awaits you. And then it hits you. For all the while, you knew, there was something thats coming in to hit you. But all the preparation in the world, is just not enough when it hits you !

Its been one of the most stressful times in recent memory. What keeps me going is the sincere belief in my own ability and the fact that there is genuine value that i have added to many a life in the past ! I am sure this will be the case in the futre too.

Perhaps, one of the biggest take aways from this phase has been this: Work cannot occupy come in the way of family life. After all, the family is key & critical to work. I have grown to realise that many a time, the mundane rigmorale of another man’s agenda is all pervasive that the family’s premises gets rudely invaded ! Be on gaurd !

Life goes on. Hope to be actively back soon. Life has a strange ways & strange phases. One of them is what i am going through now ! The picture was taken from a family temple a year back. He is supposed to keep troubles away. Am sure he is at his job !

Alls well with the world !

8 thoughts on “Alls well with the world !

  1. Kavi,

    I could understand that you are in a strange phase. I am with you and totally agree with whatever you had written since I underwent a similar situation for the past few months. Hence I could not post regularly. But remember one thing. All phases have to come to an end. That is the only consolation which keeps us looking forward.

  2. Jeevan says:

    Hope and also wish you could be actively back soon here:)

  3. GuNs says:

    I hope so too.

    Good luck with your rehab.


  4. Kavi says:

    Thanks ! Its always a pleasure to hear from you folks. And all the encouragement is so VERY vital ! Thanks Balaji, Jeeves and Guns ! Its lightened up my bag. Or rather, my shoulders have become that much more wider, and resolve: that much more stronger !

  5. all is certainly well with the world sar. it will be always. Hope you are coping well!

  6. Shiva says:

    There times we are bound too go through these inevitable phase. If it is hit, let it hit harder, so that we can respond from the botton of our heart, gathering all the strength, thus growing stronger that ever. He is always driving us, empowering us with the strength and courage. Good pic:)

  7. I was starting to get worried as I read through the post.. but the last line somehow cheers me up.

    good luck with what you are going through Kavi. Time is an amazing healer. I hope the family deity’s are working in your favor.

    I am pretty much down to praying right now as well. In some situations there is not much else you can do!

    Good luck.

  8. Keshi says:

    aww take it easy Kavi. Hope all will be ok soon n that u’ll b bak in action.


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