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At Madurai !

Coming home is a soothing balm. We came in here yesterday, and i slept through most parts of the day, with interruptions coming in the form of calls from Bangalore. “Would you be interested in a credit card?” “Would you be interested in a home loan ?” “We have the product that has answers to all your questions. Would you be interested to listen ?” “Hey, do you remember the deadlines ?” “You know what..”

As i spent time with a dad whose body is being ravaged by medicines, and a mother who is in her last 30 odd days of professional work i realise that they have given all they could to help us smile & grow. It takes a village to raise a child they say. Between them, they have been far more than a village. A metropolis perhaps. Stretching. Sacrificing. Pushing us. Nudging. Connecting. And oh yes : financing !

“Time flies. It was like yesterday”, they say, “when you were born !” There is a slight hint of sadness in the voice. A quiver that could have gone unnoticed. Perhaps caused by thoughts of possibilities missed. Or the gradual loss of ‘power’. Or perhaps its just the loss of the good old times. Or perhaps the joys we brought to them as children were far more immense than whatever little I cant put a finger on what exactly causes that sadness, even though it is just a slight hint at that. I know my time for the slight quiver to escape my lips will come too. I will know then.

Today, i took an early walk in the morning. Collecting my thoughts. Calming my nerves. Comfortable in the fact, that the very track that i walked many times through the years, has seen me come to it with a worried brow, many a time. And very soon, thereafter, there has been reason for cheer setting in quickly. Today, the track seemed to take wave to me and say, ” Smile, theres more to life “. Sinking into comfort, i sprinted, jumped and stretched looking at the brand new tracks of the Race Course Stadium.

The past holds answers to the present. But the present holds answers to the future !

11 thoughts on “Madurai Post

  1. Jeevan says:

    interruptions of banks are a big irritate these days. Its seems like an memorable walk near the Race Course Stadium to u:)

  2. you always transport me in time and space with your words kavi.

    will mail you later.

    I am learning from you.


  3. sarr…you have a rich life. You learned so many things. Maybe time takes away everything, but deposits the moments when we want it or least expect it or think of it often. Dont you just love the idea of being here…

  4. manuscrypts says:

    yup, all will be well with the world..and you 🙂

  5. GuNs says:

    How good it feels to be back home!
    Maybe “Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera” from Swades would be the perfect-est song ever written for an occasion as grand as this.


  6. shark says:

    There can be nothing more pleasant than Home Coming 🙂

    Somehow your words transport me into a totally different world!

  7. Your post reminds me of my son saying very often ” How nice it will be if we have a rewind button in our life?”. I do realise how our parents would have felt, when we were born, and how they have raised us. I think of it every day when I look at my children. As you say, there is more to life. This thought keeps my life moving always.

  8. The past holds answers to the present. But the present holds answers to the future !
    Beautiful conclusion! Love the way you conclude.


  9. Shiva says:

    That’s an awesome piece of introspection. Glad that you take sometime to look into your self and the roads travelled. A touching realization of the sacrifices parents make. Kindles my thoughts.

  10. Chembaruthi says:

    Makes a Good reading, why don’t you share the stories your grandmother told you which seems to make you think, i always find it difficult to tell stories to my son.

  11. The Race course tracks itself brings back a truck load of memories for me. All the Athletic meets..wins and losses! Great days.

    The sadness seen in the ‘slight quiver’ in the voice has so much more meaning I guess..mainly the fact we have all grown up and they dont like that. Such a wonderful observation and so touching Kavi! Parents and their unconditional love!

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