Light Bulb Moments !

The last few weeks saw a few intense moments. Moments that i call Light Bulb Moments ! And somehow, the speed at which the light bulbs seem to be going on is causing me to smile and wince at the same time. Smile at the future and wince at the past and the process.

A couple of days back there wasn’t any electricity at home. We winced and whined and complained. And ofcourse, discovered, that we couldnt do much. We couldn’t run to our safe sanctuaries of books and TV. We sat and talked. About us. Our futures. Fears. Hopes. Neighbours. Careers. Families. Traditions. And we chatted. Chatted. And chatted. And CHATTED. The lack of electricity in the house brought a strange electricity to our conversation. The darkness around me couldn’t conceal the strange light bulb went on inside me: Staying devoid of comfort was actually empowering.

Yesterday, the conversation with Sanjay made a few more light bulbs go on. As we got talking, i found the conversation strangely empowering. About my own self. Abot him. His journey. And mine. The impact of ones actions on others. (Amidst all this, there was one particular light bulb glowed intensely : I came face to face with a force within me which seeks out relationships and manifests itself through harmony.

But there was more to it which I am internalising. The beauty of yesterday’s conversation with Sanjay was that more connections to light bulbs that were established. Just the connections. I am sure the bulbs will glow in the future using the magic of future moments as electricity ! That One more light bulb on !

To be conscious of and aware of light bulbs when they go on: To me that is brightest of the bulbs. To be conscious of a new awareness of ones own self. Of ones own moods, thoughts and feelings. Aware of a skill that was missing or a possibility that can be used in the future.

The beauty of lifes lessons is their being are wrapped in everyday life. To be able to spot capture a LBM ( Light Bulb Moment) has deep impacts on life. Strange, that all you need to do is to talk and listen. Care and stay connected.

Simple things to do ?

Well, the answers lie in the Yellow Lemon Tree. Wonder how. Wonder Why !

5 thoughts on “Light Bulb Moments !

  1. Keshi says:

    I myself experience so many light-bulb moments on a daily basis. And like u said, thats where the Magic of life is!


  2. manuscrypts says:

    and perhaps true power is when one can activate the light bulbs on whim..

  3. priya says:

    Cute post. What if one is very quiet and only the other has to talk a lot. Thaz boring too isn’t it. Well we all are good listeners and talkers when things really matter.

  4. Kavi, for some reason this post is showing in a light font.

    you are currently a good source of LBM’s for me !


  5. Shiva says:


    LBM seems to be a great concept. Sometimes, it requires rebirth or recurrection (not physically though)to get the LBM. How good it would be to have the LBMs pop more frequently. May be should try your techniques. Yeah. It’s just a yellow lemon tree!

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