Sunday Musings Flow

From my Journal

The weekend jsut slipped by. The rest of Sunday night is left. As the sunlight slips through the window to disappear in my world, and light another, i realise that it did just the same about twelve hours ago to the another part of the world.

The last week, we were in Chennai. Today we sat in each others company. Not knowing what the future holds for us. Thinking about “what if” situations, and what not ! We had empty conversation intersparsed with engaging elements. Some sleep. Some cleaning. I did some work on the blog, as you can now see. The music from ‘Sivaji’ played in the background.

A few books that i bought yesterday stare at me. They seem to be looking at me rather invitingly. The fervour with which i spent the Rs.2000/- is still there. The starting point seems to have a starting problem !

I pick up Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi “This book summarises for a general audience, decades of research on the positive aspects of human expereince – joy, creativity, the process of total involvement with life that i call flow”.

That was an interesting beginning to the preface. Seems like a good book. Five minutes later, i am at the first page: “Twenty three hundred years ago Aristotle concluded that, more than anything else, men and women seek happiness. While happiness itself is sought for its own sake, every other goal – health, beauty, money, or power is valued only because we expect that it will make us happy.”

I read the lines. Reread them. It makes sense ! Money well spent. I comfort myself. 15 mintues later my flow with FLOW is interrupted by a friend who drops by to check how i have been doing. And one event leads to the other.

We return to the comfort of each others company later in the night. Just sitting. Close to each other. I with the book. She with the TV remote. Not knowing what the future holds. Confident of our hope of ‘all will be well’. Finding solace in our own sanctuaries.

Life goes on. Like any other day. Tomorrow of course will be Monday.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Musings Flow

  1. Keshi says:

    I hardly read books these days…cos of blogs!


  2. was it a coincidence that the word of the day was epicure ??


  3. Shruti says:

    wonderful post…like the flow…
    very soothing narration…
    Take care..

  4. priya says:


    Life goes on. Like any other day. Tomorrow of course will be an another day:))

    True and life goes on even if we exist/do not isn’t it.

    @ Keshi- You are a book yourself girl and thaz why you write!!! Okie me escape now….

  5. Jeevan says:

    Seems this book flows with happiness. Have nice times with the book dear:)

  6. Shiva says:

    Happiness and gratification is the ultimatum of existence. May the object of happiness should be well chosen.

    Tomorrow is Monday:)

    Ping me if you happen to visit chennai next.

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