The written word

End of a year. And beginning of another. For years on end 31st of March draws the financial curtains on a year. This year was no different.

For the year April ’06 – Mar ’07 , I decided to have very clear written personal goals for one full year. That year ended with 31st March ’07. And when I reviewed them by the last week of March ’07, it was a mixed bag. But, i realised, i had moved.

Some results for the previous year and plans for the new year.

  • The weight went down. The waist went in.
  • The medical tests were done & they were all ok !
  • New equations with new and old friends were forged and great cheer all around. I met some awesome people! And of couse others left me in some awe!
  • This blog started rolling and people do read my writing. Which is a resurrection of sorts.
  • The extra qualifications kicked in, with possibilities of adding many alphabets at the end of my name! And what learning. What fulfillment!
  • I know how my money looks. Earlier, I never knew where it went. Now, I know.
  • The finances need restructuring. (Awww) The art of balance. The imbalance wrecks a pretty picture
  • Time spent with wife, family and friends needs to be properly balanced out with professional and personal growth activities. The imbalance wrecks a pretty picture. Again.
  • I bought my first insurance policy, without anybody selling it to me. I sleep at peace.
  • Picked up the tennis racquet after 15 odd years. And after eight – nine months, I still have a decent serve and a neat top spin forehand! Applause!
  • Stamina needs improvement. At the end of 45 minutes of clay court tennis, am panting like a dog after a king’s hunt.
  • The weight needs to go further down. The waist further in.
  • I need to track expenses better, although this year was much better than usual times
  • More friends. More books. More reaching out. More giving. That’s for this year

One of the greatest take aways for me for 06-07 was the beauty of written goals and their coming true despite some trying odds. I rue the fact that this did not strike me much earlier in life despite having clear written goals on the professional front !

Hoping i dont sound like a wannabe “How-to-make-your-dreams-come-true” self-help-book -author, i can write with so much authority that flows from experience,

You will be pleasantly surprised how well your desires come true ( or come close to it), just because you write them down and keep track of them.

I am.

10 thoughts on “The written word

  1. priya says:

    Thaz was all beautiful and taken/ done at right time.
    When you said this-
    This blog started rolling and people do read my writing..
    Its in my mind with one year of completion where I stand. Will I proceed or just stop at few points, I donno and not sure myself. But life moves on right.

  2. Keshi says:

    so darn true! cos when u write em down, u realise em more.


  3. Inspiring! I’m trying this for sure.


  4. hats off to you Kavi for pulling it off. Me, I do it by having not more than 3 goals, so I can just remember them!


  5. manuscrypts says:

    ah, would love a detailed post on #1 😀

  6. Kavi,

    Well done! It is always good to put things in writing, and perform. It is again an art. At the end it gives a great pleasure when you see that you have achieved them. I have done it before but not able to be consistent.

    You seem to be a systematic man. Keep it up!

    Qualifications just add more alphabets to the end of name… LOL.. I have also amused at it. But the world looks it that way isn’t it?

  7. Kavi says:

    Yes Priya. Life moves on. But, i have managed to move a few people along !


    Keshi: You are right. They stare at you big time. All the time !


    Try Rashmi ! It works well


    Manu ! well, there is more to go. Then i probably will write a book or probably feature in a weight reduction ad showing off a lose trouser !


    Balaji : I was just driven with some strange pull this year. Am half as systematic as some other friends..but somehow the written word helped me pull through

    qualifications..well, the ways of the world are strange indeed

  8. Kavi says:

    Sundar : Try writing them down. Even if its just one goal ! It made a huge difference !

  9. Jeevan says:

    Involving in some activities always pleasure. Nice to know you kept hands on tennis!

    MY wishes for your plan for 07-08.

  10. Shiva says:

    Hey Man,

    You have done it!!! I should try atleast this to get into the track.

    Beautifully Introspected and Executed

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