SPAM anyone ?

Have been having pretty trying times at work.

And to spice it all up, Murphy keeps visiting me via the mail box. Through numerous mails which advertise a variety of stuff. From used cars. To Books. Training Programs. Kitchen Utensils. Toys (of all kinds). Electronic equipments. The list continues.

I used to religiously delete these mails. But now, their intensity has grown by leaps and bounds. Some are so very well camouflaged that i end up opening these. And therein lies the rub. More than the content, it is this passage at the end of the mail that works me up.

“Since India has no anti-spamming law, we follow the US directive passed in Bill 1618 Title III by the 105th US Congress, which states that a mail cannot be considered spam if it contains contact address / removal information, which this mail does.”

Well, a patriotic Indian that i am, i am distraught that we dont have an anti-spamming law. We have the likes of Mandira Bedi, Bipasha Basu… The nukes. The best film makers, politicians, judges, lawmakers, cricketers ( sic) The best…of everything. But no anti-spamming law ! Unfair !

Ok, so whoever asked these folks to adopt an American Law ? The folks that run America, well, they dont stand for me or Indians like me. (Neither do the folks that run India, but thats a different story). The 105th US congress decided that all this junk is not spam ? Just because some nitwit got my email id ? Come on 105th Congress !

I am seriously considering suggesting to some wisecrack in the higher echelons of power to do something about this. Pass a tit for tat law in India. The first step is to find out what the US doesn’t have a law on.

And then pass a law here. And then send mails to all and sundry saying “US doesn’t have a law against this therefore we follow Indian law on this subject, vetted by a district judge, passed by parliament and rubber stamped at the presidents office.

I am thinking of subjects like “kissing on stage, Artistic Expression, Reading of newspapers in the loo…..” Huh !

Ok. Am Feeling better !

A friend of mine passed this info to me that SPAM actually stood for “Shit Posing As Mail” and / or “Stupid Boring Annoying Messages”. Which was promptly contested by another colleague. In the end we came to know there are some 90 billion SPAM messages sent everyday. 90 billion. Holy Cow !

And some of course with disclaimers like ” he guys don’t have a law in your country. But we follow the law of Great Western USA or South Eastern Timbuktu or wherever, ratified by his highness PC Sorcar, the magician and therefore this is legal..

BTW, i have got a comments on this blog that i have discovered to be spam. Later ! Intelligent comments. I thought i was alone and was the chosen one. I was wrong. Sample this.

God. May you spam them. All of them. All over.

I chose “You Cant Touch This” by MC Hammer. Well, no explanations. You just cant touch this.

6 thoughts on “SPAM anyone ?

  1. Keshi says:

    scammin n spammin…thats wut life has become 🙂


  2. Swatantra says:

    Nice thoughts!! There must be a law on SPAM. Tit for tat is hilarious!!

    In Food spam means tinned meat made from ham….. isn’t it different!!

  3. Jam says:

    I still remember when I was back at campus and somehow I always (well actually my entire batch) ended up getting at least 40 odd mails a day which used to advertise Pe**s enlargement pills.

    It was almost like the batch of 2006 was doomed to live a life of shame because their ‘natural endowments’ were considered inadequate by marketing companies in the US.


  4. shark says:

    Aw tell me about it! The worst part is that some of them come as advertisments… with a one liner in the end “if you do not wish to get any more emails, please click on the link to unsubcribe”.

    BUT IF you ever do it… you are gone! you will get 100 more emails!

    🙁 How I wish there was no SPAM and everything was spic and span 😉

  5. Jeevan says:

    I didn’t hope that a law on Spam would be passed soon in India, when their are many important laws are waiting to pass.

  6. Shiva says:

    Kavi, Just checked my mail box. Haven’t got any spam in months! That’s a pleasant surprise though. It’s very true that cybe law should encompass all the aspects and not just the serious crimes. Let’s not make genius out of others:)

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