Special Timeless Moments

Amma and Appa are visiting us. We have been trying to get them to come into Bangalore for ages. Suddenly, the thought struck them that they perhaps can spend some time with us. The long, slow drive seemed to have had them tired at the end of it all. But we were happy to see them.

Appa’s battle of sorts with Parkinsons seems to be intensifying. For i can see the battle all across his body. Amma’s tending of him seems to be taking a toll on her as well. Not that they were ever mentioning it. They are their usual selves. But we know, looking at them, they are but a semblance of the selves that they were some years back.

But we just sat and had conversations. Sharing jokes about a time gone by. Moments that were no longer with us except in our memory. I hope to spend some time with them through the coming days. To try and lighten up their sunset years.

My mind raced back to the book that I have been reading : Flow. Slow and steady progress. Its an amazing read.

“As people move through life, passing from the hopeful ignorance of youth into sobering adulthood, they sooner or later face an increasingly nagging question: “is this all there is?” Childhood can be painful, adolescence confusing, but for most people, behind it all there is this expectation that after one grows up, things will get better. ….

…But inevitably the bathroom mirror shows the first white hairs, and confirms the fact that those extra pounds are not about to leave; inevitably eyesight begins to fail and mysterious pains begin to shoot through the body…

..When this happens, few people are ready. “Wait a minute, this cant be happening to me. I haven’t even begun to live. Wheres all the money that i have supposed to have made? Where are all the good times that i was going to have ?”

The common place focus on wealth and its accumulation and not stopping by to soak into each moment in the hope that the next one is going to be better is where the world is. As the sands of time slip through our hands, the importance of having to feel it, enjoy it and make each moment worthwhile became all the more apparent !

We sat there and discussed. Laughed and carried on. The moments that we discussed were etched in our memories. Moments that would stay on. Moments that we had soaked into. This moment will stay etched in my mind for a long time to come.

music is by Pink Floyd. Time. One of my favourites. Dedicated to my father. A timeless hero for me.

7 thoughts on “Special Timeless Moments

  1. V says:

    Treasure those moments and ultimately it is just memories that you have. And they’ll always be there. It is hard seeing a loved one suffer, I have been there watched my granddad battle it out. It hurts, it tears you up not being able to help. But I am so glad that I spent the last 2 years of his life making memories. Yes I do wish I had spent more time with him and made more memories to cherish today.
    Hope you have a wonderful time making memories

  2. white hairs – check
    extra pounds – check
    extra pounds not leaving – check
    eyesight failing – at 3AM check

    guess I have to wait for the mysterious pains to start shooting..


    nice post Kavi!

    this is my way of humoring myself to avoid reality!

  3. priya says:

    Kavi: The moments shared with them is always the best and I can’t say anything more than that. Been ther and sometimes miss a lot.

  4. Jeevan says:

    Nice it would be to have your parents with ur care… share the happy movements with us also:)

  5. Kavi says:

    V : yes, we need to treasure them. for they will be all that we have.

    Sundar: I guess the kids are providing you with moments to soak in !

    Priya: I can fully understand what you saying. Thanks a ton !

    Jeeves: Thanks mate !

  6. Shiva says:

    Hope you guys are having a great time with your parents. These moments are rare and precious. Glad that you have it.

  7. I dont know which is everlasting, the memories of older days, the memories of getting old or the memories of the future.

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