All of this world is maya !

“All the world is maya. Fiction” is something that you might have heard. How about a reversal: If all the maya became a world ?

I am amazed discovering a world of maya ! Albeit, ‘almost maya‘.

Read this first !

I got to hear about the second life and it simply AWES me to discover all what it holds. Its a parallel world. You’ve got to visit the place and soak it up all ! If you are already aware / a member of this world, please let me know more !

The essential excitement lies in the merging of ‘this world’ with ‘that world’ ! From the outside, there seems to be a seamless connect including a currency exchange ! My foot. Whoever thought of this ! Like a treasure hunt, where one clue leads to another, the last few hours have been on discovering all what this space offers !

I got to watch this..! Amazing !

Education. Marketing. Placement. Commerce. And a life. Another life ! Huh ! This is amazing. And also, spooky ! But somewhere, i am also smelling opportunity ! Please let me know if i am sniffing right ! Corporates from Toyota to Reuters cant be wrong. Or can they be ? Please help me understand this better !

So, the next time, somebody says he owns an island, ask him for directions. And don’t be surprised if he is going to say, go to your computer, and type, !

So what if you cant buy a couple of square inches on MG Road !! Go ahead and get a life ! A second life that is !

I chose Losing My Religion by REM. Lyrics

Life is bigger

Its bigger than you
And you are not me

One thought on “All of this world is maya !

  1. Shiva says:


    The viel of maya is the source of this reative plane, which makes us to think that, this relative plane of existence is the real.

    Beautiful and apt lines –

    Life is bigger
    Its bigger than you
    And you are not me

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