Celebration Time !

Kavis Musings celebrates its first birthday. One year in existence and the year just zipped by. The ‘so-removed-from-tech’ person that i am, this year has been a year of slow, conscious and painstaking learning & discovery. Of codes. Of technology. Of people. Of interests. Of locations. Of positions. And my own interest in writing. A dream which i thought I was over and done with !

I remember looking at some of your spaces and being awestruck. While your spaces are still awing, this http://healthsavy.com/product/cymbalta/ space has some activity kicked in too ! The focus on improving this space has ensured that i stayed current !

“To what end” is a question that i am often posed. ‘Do you want maximum hits ? Readership ? Revenue ?..” While i am delighted and honoured to the number of readers that this space has, more readers will make me happier still ! ( Inputs will be greatly appreciated)

What i have figured is this: The sheer possibility of connecting with people across the globe, understanding different locations, perspectives and making a history of geography and boundaries is electrifying. To say the least ! I have had great fulfilment in putting this together and it has transformed to be one of the anchors in my life.

So thank you ! For being there. For reading up. For commenting (The comments that you left and leave behind have caused me to reflect and understand better). For linking up. For coming back. And for all the criticism, feedback and the encouragement. Its been a great journey and am positive that it will continue.

Thanks once again ! For stopping by. And do come back..! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Celebration Time !

  1. come back I will..


    thank you Kavi. You have a way with words.

    You are the king of punchlines. The end result may be a smile, frown or tear, but you choose your words to get the impact!

    keep it up.

    and THANK YOU!

  2. pria says:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday to K Musings!!!!! Its always fun and nice to read your posts. You have a knack to write in your own style and keep going for more and more;)

  3. Swatantra says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    I was reading this and Siddharth noticed the movie on sight and sound… it is good…

    We also feel good, appreciated and inspired reading your blog…

    Keep Up the good work… AMEN

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Its been a great revelation reading your posts and understand what India is from your perspective. A honest look at the daily nuances of life, and you have been a great friends and motivator along the way. May you reach greater heights, may we inspire a generation and build a better future.


  5. Pooh says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrats!
    Here’s wishing you many more years of blogging!

  6. And the fastest evolving blog award goes to…. you! Keep it up!

  7. congrats and yes great going!

  8. manuscrypts says:

    every end is just another beginning,
    even when you are dreaming,
    and while we continue celebrating
    kavi, as usual sits around musing 😉

  9. Kavi,

    Congrats on your first anniversary of blogging! Your writings were unique and attracted me! Keep writing. I wish to do the same. But travelling and certain other commitments is taking time.

  10. Keshi says:

    Happy 1st Kavi woohoo!!


  11. Velu Nair says:

    Hapz Bdayz Kaviz Musingz!!

  12. Kavi says:

    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !
    Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

  13. Shiva says:


    Congrats and we have loved your style of writing and enjoyed all the wit and fun.

    You owe me a treat for the anniversary:)

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