Jowar Bhakri & the coronation !

It was one of the tastiest vegetarian meals that i have had in a while ! Jowar Bhakri. We are given to understand that it is the staple food of Maharashtra. Or North Karnataka. Not withstanding the border disputes, the food has permeated and has a following too ! Now it has one more in me !
The place is called Kamath Minerva, at Minerva circle in Bangalore. We were lead to a different floor, exclusive to the meal called Jowar Bhakri meal ! And the place does get crowded with office goer footfalls.

The food is served on the traditional plantain leaf, and you get the most delicious Jowar Bharkri ( & a cheese cube to go along with it) with other vegetables. Especially with a brinjal curry ( i think called ennegai) !

The most engaging part is the transparent kitchen where you can see the the flour’s metamorhposis into soft rotis. I am given to understand that it is extremely healthy, ( ate without guilt). We ate in silence, all our attention focused on the food, punctuated by the sound of skillful hands tapping the flour on the oven !

Some warnings:

1. To all people who will be getting here for the first time, remember this as you are thumping the rotis. There is rice to follow ! And there are bananas and a version of paan to sign of. So !

2. You will be served with rotis and rice the moment there is space in your leaf. The folks that serve you smooth operators in slipping in the food to you ! So beware. The quantity that would have gone in will be realised only after some time !!!

The entire experience can set you back by a princely sum of Rs. 75/- only. As the rotis melted in the mouth, my mind raced back to the song from Maya Bazaar! Felt like a king ! A king for Rs. 75 /- only !

9 thoughts on “Jowar Bhakri & the coronation !

  1. This reminds me of Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan in Chennai. They have branches all over Chennai. Many years before I used to have Lunch in one of those in Royapettah. WOW! Hand pounded rice was used for meals. Oh…what a taste and nutritious it was! Even though the food was limited it used to be tasty and filling. The rotis you have mentioned seemed to be nutritious. We should encourage such centres.

  2. pria says:

    I envy you for eating in banana leaf. Its been years and miss that taste. Good one and when I visit, gotto try thou’.

  3. Hi,

    thank you for passing by. it’s always great to meet new people in the blogworld. unfortunately it’s coming at an unfortunate time.

    i love your blog. i am dying to go to India. From the little that I know I am in-love with India and it’s culture. The food looks delicious. We don’t really have this type of stuff in America. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Mumbai Guy says:

    Yeah, jowar bhakri is my fav too. Not all the time, but it does taste very good. I am not sure if that is same as junka bhakar.

    That aside, anything served in plantain leaf adds taste to the next degree. Be it Keralite meal, be it dal roti, or be it any other indian meal. Plantain leaf meal has no comparision. Alas, this is fast disaapearing.

  5. super! man now I’m hungry!!!!

    P/s: sar…plz give till monday for the planned blog and all. Sorry. BTW…just completed 500 posts.

  6. Kavi says:

    Balaji: As awareness grows, clientele for healthier alternatives is also growing ! And there are quite a few takers for such joints these days

    Pria: yes..eating on the leaf is a sheer delight by itself ! Let me know ..i can have a few sent to you

    Lisa: Welcome here ! I hope the tought times will move on ! Appreciate your visit here !

    MG: Welcome back ! The plantain leaf is disappearing from regular life but fighting back through the restaurants, who are taking a fancy to it..

    GP : Hunger is relative ;)LOL

  7. Pooh says:

    Yummy!! Got it down on my list of to-visit places in Bangalore! A trip there is loooooong overdue.

  8. Shiva says:

    Kavi, mouth-watering snaps and the post. Thanks for this tasty suggestion.

  9. The brinjal stuff is called “bharli wangi”; at least the masala of the gravy looks like that in your photos.

    But if you ever get a chance , have bhakri where the dough is made with milk instead of water. It is then called dashmi. (as in 10th day of lunar calendar). This one is totally out of this world, and the stuff tastes sweeter the next morning. To be had with a decent tdka of onions, methi seeds and kadhipatta…..

    (just put on 5 lbs thinking about it) Shame on me.

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